The NZ Herald has a review of the Bloomsday event on 16 June in Auckland where Lucy read Molly Bloom.

On Monday's rainy night, exactly 110 years to the day since James Joyce's Leopold Bloom supposedly took an odyssey around Dublin, I pushed open the door to the Thirsty Dog on Karangahape Rd and fell into Ireland. Or rather, I fell into what the Jews Brothers Band called "the only Jewish-Catholic convocation in the known world", their chaotic celebration of Bloomsday, crowded by poets, musicians, unionists, sociologists and (other) old codgers.

Janet McAllister writes about Lucy’s performance:

After nearly three hours of slapstick, Lawless finally came up onstage as the faithless, disappointed wife Molly Bloom. Without affectation, she became still, and so did the previously raucous room. It would have been easy at a pub jolly for an actor to self-consciously curl her lip at the naughty bits for easy laughs, but Lawless didn't do that, and her Molly didn't "put on" sexy. Instead, at a microphone in street clothes, reading from Joyce's text, Lawless gave the best live performance I've seen her give. She nailed talking about being nailed.


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