Image635469333057973774The Code mini-series started tonight on ABC TV and the first episode has just ended. I’m not going to spoil this for those that haven’t seen it. If you are an Aussie and you missed it, iView has it online so go over there and have a look.

Episode 1

When Ned and Jesse Banks publish a video of a mysterious outback accident involving two teenagers and a truck from a classified research facility, they face the full weight of a political machine desperate to hide the truth.

Australian dramas are a hit or miss affairs with me. It can be EXCEPTIONAL or it can be ATROCIOUS. The Code is EXCEPTIONAL and on par with my favourite drama of the year “Anzac Girls” (which was also on the ABC). This is after only one episode. I love political thrillers/dramas and The Code shows the intrigue and machinations of Canberra combined with technology. Win/Win!

Image635469357200086906Lucy’s role – Alex Wisham

Lucy is in the first episode a great deal – this may diminish as the events move to Canberra over the coming episodes but for the moment we are getting Lucy at her very best. Her Australian accent is decent although not the more broader Australian accent I would expect for a teacher in the outback. Maybe she’s from posh Melbourne or Sydney.

Alex Wisham is PASSIONATE. You can see it in the first ten minutes or so; she cares for her students deeply.

The scene of the accident where she falls into Officer Tim Simons’ arms (Tim is her expartner and played by the incredibly talented Aaron Pederson) is very poignant. The horror of what she sees and the senseless death gets to her. Her attempts to shoo the flies away from the dead girl is so useless but she tries. Wow. No dialogue but quite emotional.

Another scene that stood out and was very emotional – Alex is crying for one of her students who has died as the mother of the child is also crying. They are not in the same frame – Alex is sitting in the car while Officer Tim gives the bad news to the parents but the mother I outside. Something to note is that Officer Tim (other than being Alex’s expartner) talks to the father and takes him inside the house, while the mother stays outside.

There are so many layers to this character and to the story itself.

Some additional thoughts:

  • The acting is fantastic by all the cast but especially from Lucy and Ashley Zukerman who plays Jesse, the poor hacker. I was very impressed all round – a very strong Australian (and New Zealander although I’m willing to claim Lucy as an Aussie as we adopt kiwis on a regular basis)
  • The dialogue is snappy and quite good.
  • The characters are very believable
  • Jesse, in particular, had some very funny lines which were delivered beautifully.
  • The scenery in the outback is outstanding (it isn’t hard to achieve that but the colours stood out, in particular)
  • The technology in use is very big brother on steroids

In the coming week that we are having our terror laws “adjusted” – The Code is going to be quite a good look at how these laws can be abused if the second episode trailer is any guide.

I’m not surprised that The Code won the major award at the AWGIES (decided by the Australian Writers’ Guild) for the best script. It deserved it. I’m looking forward to watching more. Second episode next Sunday!

Rating: 8/10


More news and multimedia (when it becomes available) of Lucy in The Code can be found on the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless The Code Subsite

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