ImageLucy is interviewed by The Wall Street Journal and the topic of a Xena Resurrection was asked once again:

It’s been nearly 15 years since Lucy Lawless hung up the leather armor of her most character, Xena: Warrior Princess. Now she’s playing a much different kind of noble: the Countess Palatine Ingrid von Marburg, an ancient witch in the WGN America series “Salem.”

We talked to her by phone from Shreveport, La., where “Salem” is shooting and, in her downtime, she’s been able to pursue one of her hobbies: watching real trials in public court.

Is that why so many people connected with Xena?

That was about marginalization. That character is so strongly identified by African-American women in particular, who see themselves in that character. Also gays and lesbians really took that character to heart. There’s an inner strength message that they turned into an impulse for change in their lives.

You get this question in every interview, I’m sure, but with all these reboots and Kickstarter campaigns happening for old TV shows, why hasn’t “Xena” gotten the same treatment?

I can’t explain it. For a long time there was ownership issues, but it’s a great franchise and it’s completely underutilized and they should reboot it. She’s a good hero because she’s a flawed one, and that’s something we could all be inside.

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