Salem Season 2 is coming to an end and episode 12 aired in the US.

Please note: There are MAJOR spoilers below about Lucy’s character Countess Marburg. Find out more about Lucy's new recurring role as Countess Marburg in Salem by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Salem Subsite





This was pretty damn surprising because seriously, WHAT?! Even when Anne read her book of shadows, I had NO indication that Marburg was her mother. There were no hints and if there were, and it definitely flew over my head. Well… cat’s out of the bag. Anne is part Essex, part German.

Poor Sebastian though. First, his mother regrets him not being the sacrifice years ago. Then she refuses to give him Mary as his bride. Now, he’s being outranked by Anne as heir to Marburg’s throne. The guy works so hard for his mother and gets nothing in return. This may be the turning point for Sebastian. Once he finds out Anne is the next heir, he may betray his mother. This is my prediction.



Poor Mercy. She thinks she’s really up there with the Marburgs and even going as far to challenge Mary. She must be really disillusioned to think Sebastian would want her. He did yell at her when she killed a girl on the ship putting blood everywhere. Didn’t she see he didn’t like her then?

Well, Sebastian totally let her know now. He ain’t into her. Nope. He wants her arch-rival Mary Sibley. That’s got to hurt. I predict Sebastian is going to kill Marburg and Mercy is going to end up killing Sebastian, because she’s crazy.

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