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November 2015 Archives

28 November 2015

People Climate Change March New Zealand 28 November 2015

Lucy has indicated on twitter that she will be attending the People Climate Change march in New Zealand on 28 November 2015.

The following are tweets and message from Greepeace about the event.

At the end of November, the week before the Paris Climate talks, people around the globe will march in the largest climate mobilisation the world has ever seen.  Our part - create the biggest climate march New Zealand has ever seen...




People will come together for many reasons – for climate justice and a safe climate; for renewable energy and jobs in the transition to the clean economy; to care for people and protect nature. Whatever your reason, sign-up to make sure your voice is heard. 

People, organisations, and companies around the country are taking climate action and working on solutions, yet our Government is lagging behind most others and holding us back. This needs to change - it needs to change now.

We are joining together to hold our decision makers to account - to send them a message that it is time to start protecting our families, communities and environment from climate change, and it's time to stop protecting polluters.

The time for real climate action is now.

Events are taking place in 34 towns and cities around the country! If you don't see your event then scroll through the pages below to find details of your nearest march location. 


Join the largest march for the climate New Zealand has ever seen. 

RSVP to let us know you can make it and we will keep you up to date with details. 


Saturday, November 28, 2015 at 11:00 AM · 4069 rsvps


Albert Park in Auckland, New Zealand



26 November 2015

Ash Vs Evil Dead Promo and Episode Stills 25 November 2015

Here are some episode stills and promo pics that will be added to the Ash Vs Evil Dead Galleries

Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite

Season 1 Episode 5



Season 1 Episode 4





Promo Pics








Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite



26 November 2015

NY Times: Lucy on Xena Revival and Ash Vs Evil Dead 25 November 2015


New article / interview in The New York Times
25 November 2015

Lucy Lawless on the “Xena” revival, her new show and seizing life with both hands

The “Ash vs. Evil Dead” star is self-possessed, controlled, stubbornly individualistic and ready to come at your questions head on

Like the meta icon she is, one known as “Xena” to this day, Lucy Lawless stepped into the august foyer of the Union Theological Seminary in New York City, elegant but casual in a tailored tweed jacket and knee-high flat leather boots, her wavy hair streaked pink on top and bundled up in the back. Instantly, she commanded the room — imposing, taller than anyone around her, but exuding a disarming charm.

She had arranged to meet in this English Gothic landmark in Manhattan, site of independent and ecumenical thought, where, it turned out, she would later sit in on a small seminar, a rarely granted privilege. It was clear that the Union’s staff was familiar with her, eagerly doing her bidding. A staff member led us down labyrinthine back passages and stairways to a room reserved for us. Someone had forgotten to unlock it, so we proceeded to the Social Hall, a cavernous room for performances and receptions. The place was empty, dark, window shades shutting out the bright sun of a November midday.

What was Lucy Lawless, Xena, Warrior Princess, lesbian role model and mythical hero, doing here?

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22 November 2015

20 Things You Didn't Know about 'Xena: Warrior Princess' - YahooTV

ImageTwenty years after its premiere, Xena: Warrior Princess is still alive and well —thanks in no small part to its availability on Netflix. Looking back, its influence on modern action shows like Blindspot and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are clear, and star Lucy Lawless — who’s now kicking zombie butt on Ash Vs. Evil Dead — continues to be bombarded with adulation for her first major television role. In honor of its anniversary (and the recent release of a new 20th anniversary soundtrack) here are twenty things you probably didn’t know about the show — one for every year.


Click here to read full article



22 November 2015

Xena Reboot News - New Lucy Interview 21 November 2015

Xena Reboot News for 21 November. Any news? Nope. Nothing as yet.

Assignment X Interviews Lucy about Ash Vs Evil Dead and Xena come up and of course the Reboot:

AX: There’s been some discussion of a XENA TV reboot happening. XENA premiered originally in 1995. Do you think it could work if it was introduced, or re-introduced, today?

LAWLESS: There had not been a mythological show on television for about two million years. So the ground was ripe for exploiting that world. Now, how do you make it appointment television, given the way that people watch things? The audience is all over cable. It’s spread out in a way that’s much harder to catch. I think friendship is what people want. People still want that core friendship [between Xena and her best friend Gabrielle, played by Renee O’Connor], and I think whenever they reboot it, they have to get two women who really like and respect, have a strong chemistry, to carry the mantle, because in whatever world you’re setting it in, I think that friendship might be what they want, the power of friendship.

AX: Would you be involved with the reboot?

LAWLESS: I don’t know. See, that was news to me. If they are rebooting it, we’re not involved at this point. There was a conversation a year ago that Rob was involved with, but that didn’t happen.

AX: You have a large group of very loyal fans from XENA. How do you feel about that?

LAWLESS: I love them and I’m really grateful for all the affection and fidelity they’ve shown me and this show. I try to show it back, but I would never bulls*** them, I would never lie to them and get their hopes up unnecessarily. I would love this [reboot] to happen, and if there was a way – what I’m sensing the issue is, I know that Rob can’t figure out a way to make it appointment television, given everything else that’s on television at the moment, given GAME OF THRONES. It’s not fertile ground for planting a seed right at the moment, but I would like all the people who are in a position to, all the creators, to think about the strength of that [Xena/Gabrielle] friendship, which was what had a resonance with all those people

AX: Would you want to return to playing Xena?

LAWLESS: In a [weekly] TV show? I couldn’t do it. I mean, I really couldn’t live that stunting. I look back, and I’ve got all sorts of wear and tear from that lifestyle, because that’s just what happens to human bodies when they get used a certain way a lot. So I actually couldn’t do it, I’m pretty certain. There’s somebody great out there. However, I would love to do a reboot of getting Xena, Gabrielle, Autolycus and Joxer [played by Ted Raimi] back together again, that crew back together to solve some ridiculous problem, [in a telefilm] or a movie. But limited.

AX: You recently had a reunion with Renee O’Connor …

LAWLESS: What I love is that it was a little bit like the show, that we have a friendship forged in the heat of battle. If we met each other in passing, we might not be attracted to one another, but we went through a lot of life dramas through our twenties together, both of us got married during the show – we went through a lot of stuff. I went through a divorce, she went through a break-up, all that sort of stuff, and we have a relationship like sisters. I’m grateful to everything that show gave me.



22 November 2015

Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 4 Video and Episode Stills

Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 4 Video and Episode Stills. Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite

Episode Stills / Art




EW Exclusive Clip

The action Xena: Warrior Princess fans have been itching for is finally here, as Lucy Lawless proves she still has her combat chops in an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming episode of Ash vs Evil Dead.

In the clip, we see Ruby (Lawless) save former cop Amanda Fisher from the hands of a vicious Deadite by impaling him with a wooden lamp post. When Amanda asks who this mysterious woman is, Ruby replies, “I’m your new best friend.” 

The new episode, entitled “Brujo,” airs Saturday, Nov. 21 at 9 p.m. ET on Starz.
 interview with Craig DiGregorio

We’re used to seeing Ash fight Deadites and other beasties, but Ash vs Evil Dead introduces a human adversary in the form of Lucy Lawless’ character, Ruby, who we really get to know in episode four. (See clip below.) Why did you want to include this character in the show?

That’s tough because something you asked in the question isn’t necessarily true. I don’t want to give too much away! You can read into that as you will.

We knew we wanted this character who was connected back to the original mythology, whose parents and sibling died out in the cabin—and what she would come to think of Ash after all those years, and trying to hunt him down. There’s more to her character that you’ll see as the series goes on. I know when you cast someone like Lucy in the show, you want her to be front and center all the time. But the plan we had for that character was a little more below the surface for a few episodes—we had to sort of slow-play her for a little while.

Watch Clip from Episode 4



Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite



20 November 2015

Xena: Warrior Princess 20 years later: The cast and creators look back

Image has a look back on our incredible show in it's 20th year. They interview Renee, Hudson, Ted and Steven.

Xena: Warrior Princess 20 years later: The cast and creators look back

Two decades have passed since television viewers were introduced to the fun, campy and emotional Xena: Warrior Princess. Yet if the response from passionate Xenites to news of a possible reboot showed us anything this year, it’s that Xena’s legacy and fanbase have remained strong since the show premiered on Sept. 4, 1995.

Xena’s story began before she received her own series, however, when her character appeared as a villain on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. She received such a positive response that discussions of a spinoff led to her being chosen to helm the new show. Her story of seeking redemption by helping others as she turned from her ruthless, evil ways would help set her apart from Hercules. According to Steven Sears, a writer and producer for Xena’s first five seasons, Hercules was like their big brother. It was their launching pad, and the success of Hercules was one of the reasons Xena had a chance and was able to become successful. The team knew, however, that they didn’t want to be another Hercules.

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19 November 2015

Ash vs Evil Dead Lucy Articles and Mentions 18 November 2015

Ash vs Evil Dead Lucy Articles and Mentions 18 November 2015 - Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite




Ash vs Evil Dead Online Clips – November 18, 2015



Ash vs Evil Dead Recap Clips – November 18, 2015

· Three If By Space: Feature – Ash vs Evil Dead 103 “Books From Beyond” Review: Ash Continues to Make Bad Decisions

· 1248elm: Feature – 'Books from Beyond' Is Visual Novel You'll Want to Check Out

· Chud: Feature – Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 1 Tag-Team Recap – Episode 3: “Books from Beyond”

· The Televixen: Feature – Ash vs Evil Dead: Books From Beyond

· Kdrama Stars: Feature – ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ Episode 4: Team Finds Alliance With Witch Doctor; Will Outcome Be Worth It?

· High Def Digest: Feature – ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ 1.03 Recap: “You Wanna Be a Ghost Beater or Not?”


Lucy mention


Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 1 Tag-Team Recap – Episode 3: “Books from Beyond”

November 17, 2015

By: Drew Diestch

Alright, we’ve been grooving on Ash vs. Evil Dead mighty hard here at CHUD, but the honeymoon is over and it’s time to see if this show is going to have some legs. “Books from Beyond” is our first real heavy dose of mythology. Andrew, would you say that this episode has given us an arc to look forward to for the next seven episodes?

Before we get too deep into who the ‘Dark Ones’ are and how stupid of an idea it is to summon a minor demon that preys on the weak, let’s discuss how much of a kickass character Lucy Lawless’ Ruby is. I dug everything about this week’s opening involving Kelly’s dad. Just that orange Dodge Charger speeding down the road while Dies Irae blasts in the background was enough to get the juices flowing. Between this and Fury Road, I think it’s been a pretty damn good year for Verdi.

Drew: Verdi people in the house say, “Ehi!”

I loved Lucy Lawless’ tough interrogator persona, and those little flicks of the fork in the deadite’s eye were more than chuckleworthy. I’m hoping the show doesn’t drag her along for too much longer as its clear she’s going to open up the world in a big way. Her partnership with Amanda should kick both of their stories into high gear.


Read more


According to Comic Book Resources, Ruby will also reveal to Agent Fisher her connection to the book.

Showrunner Craig DiGregorio previously teased that Lucy Lawless' character, who was not named on the pilot episode, is "definitely the hardest character, because she enters the show as someone who is inextricably connected to this world."

He explained, "Her family was the people who owned the cabin that Ash went to 30 years ago and read the book that the professor found. So she thinks Ash destroyed her family, because of all the death around him at the cabin."

Watch out for more spoilers for episode 4 for "Ash Vs. Evil Dead" ahead of the airing date on Nov. 21 on Starz Network.



18 November 2015

Ash vs Evil Dead Lucy Articles and Mentions 17 November 2015

Articles and Mentions about Lucy in  AvED for 17 November 2015. Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite


Episode Still – Season 1 Episode 4



Ash vs Evil Dead Clips- November 17, 2015

· Paste Magazine: Highlight- Five Drinks, Five Shows: A Drinker's Guide to Starz Originals

· Latin Post: Feature- ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Spoilers Season 1 Episode 4: Ash Makes a New Alliance [Watch]

· Blastr: Highlight- TV THIS WEEK: Jessica Jones arrives, a Marceline miniseries, and more!

· Rolling Stone: Mention- Top 5 TV: 'Mr. Show' Redux and the Return of Ronald Reagan


Ash vs Evil Dead Recap Clips- November 17, 2015

· Movie Pilot: Review- The 5 Grooviest Moments From Ash vs. Evil Dead Episode 3: Books From Beyond

· Showbiz Junkies: Review- ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: Books From Beyond

· The Celebrity Café: Review- ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ recap episode 103: ‘Books From Beyond’

· Fanboys: Review- TV REVIEW: Ash vs Evil Dead 1.3 – Books From Beyond

· Io9: Review- That Was Some Pretty Cheesy CG, Ash vs Evil Dead, But You Still Rule


Lucy / Ruby Snippets:

Latin Post

‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Spoilers Season 1 Episode 4: Ash Makes a New Alliance [Watch]

November 17, 2015

By: Nick Younker

For those who tuned into to last Saturday's "Ash vs Evil Dead," then you know that the last scene was Amanda staring down the reanimated corpse of Lionel. Now, the group must make their way somewhere else to accomplish their task.

Episode 4, titled "Brujo," will air on premium cable network Starz this Saturday, Nov. 21 at 9 p.m. EST, according to TV Guide.

So far, fans of the show know that Amanda Fisher holds Ash personally responsible in some way for the Deadite plague that killed her partner and has slung them into a deadly conflict with these supernatural powers. She even tried to cuff him in the last episode, but that fake hand spoiled those plans.

Now, according to Spoilers Guide, Ash, Kelly and Pablo and will be forced to make an unusual alliance to get their task on track. This could have many different meanings to it, such as aligning with Amanda or even Lucy Lawless's Ruby. But there could also be more official government agents coming into the equation soon as well.

They will eventually find a new clue that will help them track down what they need. But this new clue will come at a price, and Kelly will be the only one to pay it. That does not mean she will be losing her life -- at least, not yet.

Amanda has already shown that she can hold her own in a fight against the Deadites and all other monsters that come with it. There is a real possibility that she could be releasing her grudge against Ash and in some way, joining him on the journey. But that is not likely to be the case just yet, given she has such an intense animosity toward him at the moment. So does Ruby, which puts him at a bit of a disadvantage.




That Was Some Pretty Cheesy CG, Ash vs Evil Dead, But You Still Rule

November 16, 2015

By: Cheryl Eddy

The first two episodes of Ash vs Evil Dead kicked so much ass, it was inevitable that we’d eventually get one that fell short of face-meltingly amazing. With a storyline that depends on some pretty lame CG, the third episode “Books from Beyond” filled that role. But fear not—this show still kills.


  • We finally got a better look at Lucy Lawless’ mysterious character, Ruby, who guns her red sports car toward Kelly’s farmhouse in the aftermath of last week’s carnage. Ruby knows an awful lot about Deadites (she even has a special dagger that they know and fear), and she’s also an adherent of the Ash school of “ask a demon what you want to know, then kill it.” Her quarry is Ash... more specifically, that damn book.
  • She’s so in-tune with the book, in fact, it’s suggested that she can even sense when it’s opened. Since she’s already encountered Fisher in an earlier episode, it seems likely that these two characters will meet again. Perhaps she’ll burst in and rescue Fisher from Hawkins, then they’ll head to find Ash together?


Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite



17 November 2015

Ash vs Evil Dead Lucy Articles and Video 16 November 2015

Article and Video about AvED for 16 November 2015. Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite


VIDEO – Episode 4





· Hidden Remote: Feature—‘Ash vs. Evil Dead' is the Perfect Blend of Awesome

· Bloody Disgusting: Feature—[Next On] “Ash vs Evil Dead” Episode 104, ‘Brujo’ Trailer!

· Comic Book Movie: Feature—New ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Season 1, Episode 4 "Brujo" Promo


· BU News Service: Feature—‘’Ash Vs Evil Dead” Shows Bruce Campbell At His Grooviest

· Bloody Disgusting: Highlight—Chris vs the Evil Dead: A Marathon of ‘The Evil Dead’ Anthology

· Multichannel News: Highlight—Democratic Debate Dominates Social Media



· Rolling Stone: Recap—‘Ash vs. Evil Dead' Recap: Hellraiser Too

· Forbes: Recap—‘Ash vs. Evil Dead' Season 1, Episode 3 Recap: 'Books from Beyond'

· Observer Culture: Recap—‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Recap 1×3: Demons of the Mind

· Paste Magazine: Recap—Ash vs. Evil Dead Review: “Books From Beyond”

· Vulture: Recap—Ash vs. Evil Dead Recap: Enter the Ghostbeaters

· 411 Mania: Recap—Ash Vs. Evil Dead Review – 1.3 ‘Books from Beyond’



14 November 2015

Ash vs Evil Dead Lucy Articles 13 November 2015

Today’s articles on Ash Vs Evil Dead and Lucy. Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite


· The Daily Beast: Feature- Lucy Lawless: No ‘Tits and Ass’ Allowed in ‘Xena’ Revival, and No Trump For President, Please

· TV Insider: Feature- The Sweet, Slow Burn of Lucy Lawless on Ash Vs. Evil Dead

· Major Spoilers: Feature- Ash vs Evil Dead teases Books From Beyond

· Horror Society: Feature- Does Bruce Campbell Look Like Stephen Colbert? Lucy Lawless Thinks So!


· Yahoo TV: Feature- 'Ash vs. Evil Dead' Sneak Peek: Lucy Lawless Brings the Pain *Exclusive Video


Warning: Contains graphic violence/torture – (even if it’s on the dead)

S1E3 Ruby Brings Back The Pain
Posted on: 13th November 2015

S1E3 Ruby Brings Back The Pain

Warning: This scene contains graphic violence / torture (even if the tortured one is already dead….) Her means in this particular case involve zombie torture, as she sticks a sharp utensil in a walking corpse’s eye and then impales his whole body on a wooden crucifix, all the while inquiring after Ash’s whereabouts. And in […]


Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite



13 November 2015

Video: Ash Vs Evil Dead Episode 3 Promo with Lucy

Lucy is in this episode and she’s hunting Ash.


Season 1 Episode 3

A mysterious woman finds the destruction at Kelly’s parents’ farm. Meanwhile, Ash, Pablo and Kelly continue their quest with the Necronomicon and Fisher finds herself in another terrifying, inexplicable situation.

AVED 103 Preview

Evil just upped the game with this nerd. Can you give Deadites wedgies? See what's in store for you this Saturday at 9PM ET/PT.

Posted by Ash vs Evil Dead on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite



12 November 2015

AUSXIP’s Xena 20th Anniversary Giveaway WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

The winners of the AUSXIP Xena 20th Anniversary Giveaway is....
(before I get to the names, I have to say there was over 1500 entries and it took a while to sort out so thank you all for your patience!).

Thank you to all those who entered the giveaway!

Winner of the XWP Pack is: Arielle Strauss

Winner of the Xena Pack is: Isabella Svendsen

Winner of the Gabrielle Pack is: Elizabeth Koerber






12 November 2015

Ash Vs Evil Dead Article–Press Media Updates 11 November 2015

Here’s a roundup of articles including Lucy and Bruce’s interview with Stephen Colbert.

Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite

Watch Video of Interview

Lucy and Bruce on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert 10 November 2015
Posted on: 11th November 2015

Lucy and Bruce on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert 10 November 2015

Bruce and Lucy were on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on 10 November 2015 to talk about Ash Vs Evil Dead Video via Starz Entertainment PR












TV Guide

Bruce Campbell Takes Over

November 11, 2015

By: Staff Writer

Lucy Lawless thinks Bruce Campbell looks just like Stephen when he has his glasses on. To test the theory, Bruce took over Stephen's desk.



Entertainment Weekly

Bruce Campbell does a one-word Stephen Colbert impression

November 11, 2015

By: Christopher Rosen

Bruce Campbell plays Ronald Reagan on season 2 of Fargo, and maybe he can tackle Stephen Colbert for season 3.

On Tuesday night’s episode of The Late Show, Campbell debuted his Colbert impression at the urging of his Ash vs Evil Dead costar Lucy Lawless.

As it turns out, the 57-year-old didn’t have to do very much to capture Colbert’s essence. He simply put on his glasses, sat behind Colbert’s desk, and said one word: “Nation.” If Colbert ever needs a fill-in, he’ll know who to call.



The Washington Post

Watch Bruce Campbell impersonate his doppelganger, Stephen Colbert

November 11, 2015

By: Bethonie Butler

“Ash vs. Evil Dead” star Lucy Lawless shared an interesting theory on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Tuesday: Her co-star Bruce Campbell totally looks like Colbert. But only with glasses on.

Inspired, Campbell did a brief impersonation of Colbert, though it was more of a “Colbert Report”-era impression.

In related news, Jimmy Kimmel thinks he looks like Laurence Fishburne.



Bruce Campbell Does A Surprisingly Great Stephen Colbert Impression

November 11, 2015

By: Chet Manley

After watching him play President Reagan on Fargo this season, it became clear that Bruce Campbell could pull of the strong conservative type. Yet it never clicked that he could also be Stephen Colbert’s double until Tuesday’s Late Show.

Thanks to some prodding from his Ash vs. Evil Dead co-star Lucy Lawless, Campbell donned his glasses, and switched spots with Colbert. Okay, sure, he resembles our host, but what about his pen-holding mannerisms?

Oh… that is pretty good. Now sure, he could improve on the part where he has to use words, but if something ever happens to Colbert, CBS might have another option available. And who knows, maybe Colbert would be just as good at handling Campbell’s hand accessories.


Movie Fone

Best of Late Night TV: Daniel Radcliffe's Water War, Liam Neeson's 'Candy Crush' Movie

November 11, 2015

By: Gina Carbone

If you're like us and value your sleep, you probably nodded off into your Ambien dreamland before the party started on post-prime time TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's the best of what happened last night on late night.

Jimmy Fallon suggested a new game for the family to play on Thanksgiving, preferably outdoors: "Water War," a twist on the card game "War," where the loser of each hand has to be doused with water. Daniel Radcliffe played Tuesday on "The Tonight Show" and, well, he's really going to need a change of underwear before that film premiere. The overall winner got to water cannon the loser. As a side note, it's hard to get used to DanRad with that shaved head. But he does NOT look like Voldemort!

Anthony Anderson told Jimmy Kimmel he gets mistaken for other famous people all the time -- like Ruben Studdard, Ice Cube, and Cedric the Entertainer. One time, in Africa, he was mistaken for Idris Elba and he figured he "got a stroke of luck and upgraded or Idris Elba done fell the hell off."

Here are two interesting things to know about "Hunger Games" star Jena Malone: She had a stunt head to appear bald in the new "Hunger Games" movie, and her grandfather popularized the dollar slot machine. She didn't even know that about her grandpa, Jimmy looked him up.

Chiwetel Ejiofor talked to Conan O'Brien about playing paintball with his "12 Years a Slave" co-star Michael Fassbender and Fassy's father. Apparently the game started friendly but Fassbender is a paintball fiend and he cheated. He's ruthless! He could've been a good Negan on "The Walking Dead."

Anna Faris and Joshua Jackson were on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" and answered the acting question of what's harder, laughing or crying? So Anna and Joshua gave some crying lessons using a special tear stick. James's tears came out great, even if they blinded him.

Lucy Lawless and Bruce Campbell were on "The Late Show" and Lucy said Bruce looks just like Stephen with his glasses on, so Bruce tested the theory by taking over the show. They do look a bit alike.

Last, but not least, Stephen Colbert decided it's only a matter of time before Activision makes a "Candy Crush" movie, starring a big name like Liam Neeson. So here's "Candy Crush: The Movie" with Stephen and Liam Neeson. It's too long, but props to Neeson for even doing this.


Broadway World

VIDEO: Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless Talks 'Ash vs Evil Dead' on LATE SHOW

November 11, 2015

By: News Desk

The stars of "Ash vs. Evil Dead", Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless stopped by last night's LATE SHOW and had a slight disagreement about who caused all the trouble with the Deadites. Later, Lucy Lawless thinks Bruce Campbell looks just like Stephen when he has his glasses on. To test the theory, Bruce took over Stephen's desk.

THE LATE SHOW WITH STEPHEN COLBERT premiered on Tuesday, Sept. 8 on CBs.The show is broadcast from the historic Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City.

A multi-talented and respected host, writer, producer, satirist and comedian, Colbert is well-known for his previous late night show, "The Colbert Report," which concluded on Friday, Dec. 18, 2014. The program received wide-spread critical acclaim and earned two Peabody Awards and 29 Emmy Award nominations, including two Emmy wins for Outstanding Variety Series (2013, 2014) and four Emmy wins for Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program (2008, 2010, 2013, 2014). Prior to that, Colbert spent eight years as a correspondent on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" as an on-air personality and writer of news satire for the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning series.


Fox 5 NY

Bruce Campbell returns in 'Ash vs. Evil'

November 10, 2015

By: Staff Writer

Actor Bruce Campbell played a hero who saved the world in the 1970 movie, 'The Evil Dead.' 36 years later he's back to do it all over again in the new movie, 'Ash vs. Evil.'

"I was 21. I would do anything to save the world. Now we have wonderful stunt people to help out," said Campbell.

  This time around, 'Idiot" is as ill-prepared as ever.

"Idiot is responsible for unleashing demons back into the world 36 years later. I'm a little concerned for the world. It's not your typical hero story," said Campbell.

Sam Raimi and Lucy Lawless are helping to bring the movie back to life.


Orlando Weekly

Ash vs. Evil Dead proves that 30 years later, the Evil Dead franchise still has what it takes

November 11, 2015

By: Adam McCabe

There's a moment when you're watching the pilot for Ash vs. Evil Dead (airing as a Starz original series) when you accept that it just isn't going to capture the majesty of the classic Evil Dead 2. How could it? There was a charm in that rawness and grit that could only come from a low-budget horror effort – plus, it was 30 goddamn years ago. Thankfully, this return to Ash's screwed-up world isn't simply fan service. This is what happens when a cult franchise gets old and somehow still (magically) has legs. Ask any horror fan: Evil Dead is Star Wars for gorehounds. On that premise alone, this show is wildly successful in delivering the goods.

The plot? Who cares. But if you really need something to whet your appetite: Ash Williams, now old and living in a trailer park, realizes that he has once again summoned the forces of evil to our world and must strap on his trusty chainsaw arm one more time. It's not about the pathos; it's about the personality.

Franchise creator Sam Raimi fills the first episode to the brim with charm, trademark wit and blood by the gallons. Evil Dead diehards will devour it, and newcomers to the franchise may even be inspired to explore the old films for the first time. That's probably the most amazing thing about the show – it proves that there's still a ton of life left in the dead. Hail to the king, baby.


CG Society


November 10, 2015

By: Staff Writer

FotoKem used DaVinci  Resolve for grading and online editing of the pilot of Starz Network’s hugely anticipated new “Ash vs Evil Dead” TV series.

“Ash vs Evil Dead” is the long-awaited follow-up to the classic horror film The Evil Dead executive produced by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell, the original filmmakers and Craig DiGregorio, executive producer and showrunner for Starz Network that’s premiering Halloween night, October 31st at 9 PM ET/PT. With legions of fans worldwide, the new show is one of the most anticipated premieres of 2015. It follows Ash (Bruce Campbell), who has spent the past 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead. When a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind, Ash is finally forced to face his demons –personal and literal.  Destiny, it turns out, has no plans to release the unlikely hero from its “Evil” grip.

The “Evil Dead” films have become famous for their horror, humor and distinct visual styles. FotoKem graded the pilot at their Burbank facility using DaVinci Resolve Advanced Control Surface. FotoKem colorist Alastor Arnold, who also was the colorist and worked with Raimi on the remastering of the original “The Evil Dead,” headed the grading work.

“As with most pilots, we were basically setting the look of the series. So, for example, it was important to establish the look and perspective of the ‘Evil Force’ from the first time it’s on the screen. Although the look of the show is warm, Raimi and (film editor of the first episode) Bob Murawski wanted that metaphysical presence to have a very high contrast, desaturated look that juxtaposed the rest of the show. We spent a lot of time perfecting that visual element, which was devised entirely in the DI and will carry through the rest of the episodes,” said Arnold.

To follow the unique look of the classic films, as well as maintain the appropriate dark and foreboding atmosphere of a horror film, Arnold relied on a wide number of DaVinci Resolve’s color correction features, including its Power Windows, 3D tracking and noise reduction.

“Raimi was going for a very filmic, warm and saturated look. Both Raimi and Murawski are big film fans. All of the ‘Evil Dead’ films were shot on and distributed on film, and they wanted to stay true to that feel for the series,” said Arnold.

Arnold continued. “Sam likes to apply windows and shapes in intentionally dark scenes, with an emphasis on brightening the actors eyes and faces. Resolve’s Power Windows and associated tracker allowed us to easily and quickly accomplish these needs.”

The pilot was shot primarily in RAW, and is a VFX intensive show, with dozens of VFX heavy scenes throughout.

“The project was unique because it was a Resolve-centric workflow from beginning to end. For a TV show with heavy VFX, we are able to manage the multiple matte channels in Resolve easily. It was more like doing a mini-movie versus a TV show,” said Arnold. “Resolve handles RAW workflows very well, requiring no transcoding or supplementary steps prior to color correction. And to allow more control in the DI, all of the VFX shots were provided with EXRs with multiple matte channels, which allowed us to have very finite control of how and what to grade in the frame. Resolve’s ability to easily manage and manipulate multiple matte channels was very important in choosing it as the grading platform for this pilot.”

As part of the post production workflow for the pilot, Arnold used DaVinci Resolve’s extensive editing features for online editing for the entire show, creating a seamless finishing workflow.

“Because Resolve includes editing tools, we were able to keep the entire project on one platform. When you work with a director like Sam Raimi, you want a tool that’s fast and that you can rely on. Resolve works seamlessly and naturally, and I know I’ll be able to make changes and show different looks in real time, and work quickly.”


Wrestling Forum

Re: Ash vs. Evil Dead on Starz (Fall 2015)

November 11, 2015

By: Staff Writer

I love Army of Darkness. It is a classic, but Evil Dead II is the best of the trilogy. The original Evil Dead doesn't hold up at all and is the bastard stepchild of the series.

The slept too long ending seems more appropriate and is Raimi's preferred one I think. However, I think the S Mart ending is tons of fun and is more memorable to me. In fact, is that the first time we see him say, "Hail to the King baby"? That line is so classic and I think was even stolen by Duke Nukem (and some others too I think)

What's interesting about Army of Darkness is that I believe there are two versions of the movie with more differences than just the ending. So how one feels about the movie may depend on which version you see. There is a director's cut version out there. I think one of my favorite lines actually only exists in one version (Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun)


Desmet Mirror

“Ash vs. Evil Dead” Still Groovy

November 10, 2015

By: Stephan Baxendale

Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), the anti-hero of the original “Evil Dead” trilogy, returns to fight the onslaught of the undead in the new Starz show “Ash vs. Evil Dead.” While the premiere episode is a bloody good time for fans of the original movies, its niche genre between horror and comedy is not going to win over many newcomers.

Ignoring the 2013 reboot, the story picks up twenty years after the events of “Army of Darkness.” Ash, unwittingly reciting a passage from the evil Necronomicon, unleashes “the evil” and begins to head towards the a bookstore specializing in ancient texts to correct his mistake.

The characters define the show, as the one-liner spewing Ash is still just as irreverent and ridiculous as viewers have come to expect. Ray Santiago does an especially good job as the idealistic Pablo, who worships the ground Ash walks on. Kelly (Dana Delorenzo) did not have enough time to develop her character beyond stereotypical tough girl.

The writing is superb. It is just as cheesy and over-the-top as ever, with Ash giving various memorable one-liners to add to his impressive repertoire. Whenever he is on screen, there are the ridiculous action sequences and cheesy dialogue that makes the series great. However, the writers do a good job of separating moments of horror from its slapstick. Many parts of the episode were legitimately frightening with the side characters, specifically with the police officer Amanda Fisher (Jill Marie Jones).

When it comes down to it, your enjoyment of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” will stem from how much you love the classic trilogy. To fans of the original, there is no reason not to go back into the world of Ash. Newcomers may want to watch those movies, specifically “Evil Dead II,” before deciding whether this is a series viewers want to invest time into. Otherwise, it is a faithful continuation of the classic horror franchise.


The Poly Post

‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ full of gore, humor

November 10, 2015

By: Izbel Torres

This Halloween, more than 30 years after the first installment of the “The Evil Dead” series premiered, “Ash vs. Evil Dead” aired its first episode on Starz.

The series, created by director Sam Raimi, boasts four films and now a TV show proving that it is the cult film series that just won’t die. But is that a good thing?

“The Evil Dead” series revolves around main character Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) who, after a cabin trip with his friends where they find the ancient text Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, is constantly facing against the evil, demonically possessed Deadites.

When we last saw Ash in “Army of Darkness,” he had just returned from the year 1300 after having saved the Middle Ages from an army of Deadites, and he defeated his evil counterpart, Evil Ash. After returning to his own time period, Ash is working in housewares at a store called “S-Mart.”  He shares his “heroic” story with a woman before facing another Deadite threat.

Over 20 years since the last film, in “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” Ash is working at the discount  “Value Stop,” where he often slacks off, takes naps during his shifts or doesn’t show up for work at all. He lives in a trailer and seems to spend his nights using concocted stories on losing his right hand to seduce women in seedy bars., Not much has changed from the Ash of 20 years ago except for the fact that Ash seems to no longer be plagued by Deadites.

But our blowhard anti-hero makes a grave error. While under the influence of pot, Ash attempts to impress a woman by reading “poetry” from the Necronomicon. This re-unleashes the Deadites on Ash and the rest of the world. And what does Ash decide to do? True to his character, he aims to ditch town and ditch his responsibility.

However, his no-nonsense boss thwarts Ash’s escape and Pablo (Ray Santiago), the innocent optimist who idolizes Ash, believes him to be “El Jefe,” the one meant to stand up against evil. But Ash pushes the idea aside and refuses to step into that role. He is, however, forced to face these demons again armed with his favored “boomstick” and chainsaw hand.

Ash is the type of cocky womanizer that will irritate many new female viewers. This is where Kelly (Dana Delorenzo) rectifies this. Kelly is a disinterested co-worker who refuses to put up with Ash’s egotistical, sexist flirtations. Upon first meeting him, she easily pins his arm to his back in retaliation. Here’s hoping that she continues to put him in his place.

Lucy Lawless also makes a brief appearance as Ruby Knowby, who may or may not be related to a character featured in the previous films. Characters Kelly, Ruby and Amanda Jones provide hope for viewers who are sick of Ash’s womanizing ways.

Being forced to constantly face against Deadites in the previous films, audiences have never gotten the chance to truly know Ash. “Ash vs. Evil Dead” finally presents viewers with a chance to get into the character’s life in a way they haven’t before. In the show we see Ash interact with neighbors, co-workers and hook-ups, not just the possessed dead out to kill him.

Much of the practical affects, humor and horror that made the original “The Evil Dead” series so great remains in this show, thanks to the continued collaboration of Raimi and Cambell. The show remains very faithful to the original series, which is sure to please many cult fans.

Overall, “Ash vs. Evil Dead” is full of gory moments and classic one-liners that are sure to entertain long-time fans. New viewers will find interest in the supporting characters of “Ash vs. Evil Dead.”

Will we be seeing more of Ash in the future? Absolutely. The show has already been renewed for a second season, and there are constant rumors of an “Army of Darkness 2” and a sequel to the 2013 film “Evil Dead.”

“Ash vs. Evil Dead” airs on Starz on Saturdays at 9 p.m.



The Pioneer

The King Returns in “Ash vs. Evil Dead”

November 10, 2015

By: Thomas Gillen

In the first season of “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” Bruce Campbell returns as one-handed, shotgun loving Ash Williams. This is the newest chapter in the “Evil Dead” universe, taking place 20 plus years after the Medieval themed “Army of Darkness.”

Originally envisioned to be the fourth “Evil Dead” movie, creator Sam Raimi decided that “Ash vs. Evil Dead” would work better as a television show instead since extensive material was written and multiple ideas were developed. The “Evil Dead” movies revolve around an ancient book called the “Necronomicon Ex-Mortis or the Book of the Dead,” which can summon demons called Deadites.

The first two movies took place around a remote cabin in the woods where Ash and his friend are terrorized, while the third movie, which will not be addressed in the show due to a studio licensing issue, transported Ash to Medieval times as he attempted to find his way home.

The pilot episode of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” revolves around an older Ash, who traded in his chainsaw hand for wood, works a boring job at ValueStop and lives in a trailer park. After a long night at the bar, Ash drunkenly reads from the ancient book to impress a woman and summons the Deadites once again. This event causes havoc across town, as two Michigan State Troopers investigate a homicide and instead come face to face with the Deadites. Jill Marie Jones, who plays trooper Amanda Fisher, barely survived the attack while her partner was killed. She now has to clear her name since no evidence of the incident was found, while looking for Ash, who she holds responsible.

While working at ValueStop, Ash gets into a fight with a possessed doll and is saved at the last minute by his co-worker Pablo, played by Ray Santiago. Ash then tells Pablo about his past encounters with the Deadites. While Ash is reluctant to get back into the fray, Pablo is convinced that Ash is the leader prophesized to him by his uncle, a shaman. Ash then plans to leave town, knowing that the return of the Deadites is his fault and fears the repercussions. However, Pablo and fellow co-worker Kelly, played by Dana DeLorenzo, discover Ash at his trailer before he leaves. The three then have to fight a neighbor-turned-Deadite, and Ash is once again forced to pick up his chainsaw hand and fight evil.

The four main characters all do a fine job, with Bruce Campbell leading the charge. He easily steps back into the shoes of Ash without missing a beat and adds more vulnerability and personality to the char- acter not seen in the previous movies. Lucy Lawless plays the fifth main character in “Ash vs. Evil Dead.” Her character, Ruby, has a small interaction in the pilot with Amanda Fisher and seems to believe her story while holding a few secrets of her own.

The make-up effects are another mainstay of the “Evil Dead” franchise, which includes “The Evil Dead,” “Evil Dead II,” “Army of Darkness,” the reboot film “Evil Dead,” and now “Ash vs. Evil Dead.” The first two movies had plenty of blood and gore, which Raimi and his team created on set; this mostly applied to the pilot, which aired on Oct. 31, with some computer-generated images thrown in. This episode contains plenty of blood and violence, so viewers who are not fans of excessive gore and bodily violence might not enjoy the show. Viewers who enjoy horror comedies, horror movies, or the “Evil Dead” franchise should tune in.

New episodes of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” air on Saturday nights at 9 p.m. on Starz, a premium cable network similar to HBO and Showtime.



High Def Digest

‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ 1.02 Recap: “Moms Don’t Just Come Back from the Dead”

November 10, 2015

By: Josh Zyber

After the pilot of ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’, Sam Raimi had to step away and leave the show in the hands of other TV directors who’d need to imitate his signature style. For those viewers worried that this would necessarily result in a drop-off in quality, I’m relieved to report that the second episode is still a hell of a lot of fun.

‘Bait’ picks up right where the pilot left off. Having chainsawed up the evil old lady who attacked him in his trailer, Ash explains what Deadites are to his new sidekicks, Pablo and Kelly. When Kelly, who’d received a phone call from her dad saying that her dead mother had returned home, asks for Ash’s help, he’s uninterested in her problems. He says that his priority is to get the ‘Necronomicon’ book translated in order to find a spell that will stop the Deadites. Kelly takes off on a motorcycle to return home, and Ash just shrugs it off. However, when Pablo tells him that Kelly took the book with her, Ash has no choice but to follow.

On the way, Ash and Pablo are attacked by their former boss Mr. Roper, who’s now a Deadite. He was hiding in the back seat of Ash’s car and, being lunkheads, neither Ash nor Pablo thought to check. This results in the both of them getting drenched in a huge bloody mess.

As they arrive at the house, Ash and Pablo kick in the door ready for Deadite-battling action. What they find instead is that everyone appears to be fine. Kelly explains that her mom Suzy (Mimi Rogers) didn’t die in a car crash after all. She had amnesia and only recently got her memory back. Kelly is ecstatic to see her again. Ash is skeptical and just wants his book back. Suzy says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but invites the two blood-soaked strangers to stay for dinner.

While they’re cleaning up, Pablo confesses that he had the book the whole time. Kelly never took it. At dinner, Ash tries to trick Suzy into tripping up and revealing that she’s a Deadite. Kelly grows increasingly pissed at him. Finally, Ash just outright punches Suzy in the face. Well, that does it. Sure enough, Ash was right. Suzy goes full Deadite and kills her husband, Kelly’s dad. She fights with Ash for a minute then flees the room.

Kelly finds her mom in another room. The woman appears human again and is crying. She says that she blacked out and doesn’t know what’s happening. Ash doesn’t buy it. He attacks her and causes her to turn Deadite again. They struggle, and Pablo stabs Suzy in the head with a kitchen knife. That doesn’t quite do the trick, so Ash has to decapitate her in a geyser of blood.

Kelly has now lost both her parents. Ash buries them in the backyard and fashions grave markers in the shape of crucifixes, to which Kelly informs him that her parents were Jewish.

Episode Verdict

There’s a lot of really hilarious character interaction and banter in this episode. Although the camerawork may not be quite as acrobatic as Sam Raimi brought to the pilot, the episode makes up for that with copious over-the-top gore.

My only disappointment is that the episode feels really short at 30 minutes, even more so than the pilot. It’s over almost as soon as it begins. A storyline where State Police officer Amanda follows clues that lead her to the occult bookstore before Ash can get there is badly truncated. Sadly, we also don’t get to see Lucy Lawless at all this week.

Regardless, I had tons of fun watching this. If anything, the short running time may even allow me a chance to watch it a second time this week, which is something I almost never do with TV shows.



TV Serial

ASH vs EVIL DEAD 1 × 01: This is the trash that we like!

November 11, 2015

By: Giulia Timperi

It was announced at last year's Comic-Con in San Diego, many rumors had circulated about the possible realization of this show but finally arrived. To the delight of fans of the House, the House II and of the army of Darkness, last Halloween aired the pilot of nuva Starz series license plate: Ash vs. Evil Dead , written by Sam Raimi (director of the saga) and  Ivan Raimi  along with  Tom Spezialy. The first season will have 10 episodes,  where we will see our Ash struggling with evil and with ... chainsaws!

The film, at the time, had marked the birth of a new genre of horror, between the demented and splatter (so-called gender splatterstick ), a genre that is repeated also in the TV series. The protagonist of the saga of the house, the hero indeed, is Ashley J. Williams , said Ash . Yes, Ash is back, perhaps with few extra pounds but is one of those cases where it improves with time. As we had missed, ah ?!

Ash vs Evil Dead binds to films (including but Starz has no rights and therefore can not be cited in any way within the series) very clearly, taking the sense of unease of the horror classic House - especially in the scene of the two policemen who is by the way the note a little 'over the whole plot - and the most demented splatter of the army of darkness in all the scenes of Ash. It all takes place in 30 years after the conclusion of the final of the trilogy and, with the help of new techniques of shooting, I'm sure the fandom - perhaps initially restricted - will expand greatly.

Ash has not changed much from the film, is still the same prick - pass me the term - womanizer and fancazzista.   The only small differences - besides the fact that Ash now working in a warehouse (also funny scenes with his boss, where the definitely takes around) are the girdle and the dentures but, in short, we all age. Just to impress a blonde - under the influence of drugs - Ash and the girl read the infamous Necronomicon, the "Book of the Dead", playing the formula that gives the army of the dead on Earth. Of course, the dead have it with him because he is just a fool who decided to re-open that book. Here too, the many references to the saga. Raimi's style is evident in all respects, creating a mix of total madness. Just think of the scene of the doll that tries to kill Ash or his elderly neighbor who tries to kill him and the actors that make up the shoulder Ash.

Why yes, Ash will not be alone in this fight against darkness. With him are Kelly and Pablo that they also contribute to give a touch of idiocy at all.

Among other things, numerous rumors speak of the appearance on the screen, an actress we all love: perhaps to shoulder Ash - or perhaps as a super bad, who knows - will Lucy Lawless! Who knows what role they will play the cazzutissima Xena. In   the pilot plot is not thick but, let's face it all: who cares? We were all waiting for the moment when Ash, instead of his wooden hand, infilasse a chainsaw for cutting and do pieces the dead. Who cares at this point a texture made ​​of psychology of the characters and mysteries to solve? No one, of course. The only "problem" is the risk that these actors that help or maybe in the future will contrast Ash , may be obscured by our hero.

Like all the remakes - sort of something that from the outset was deliberately insane - there is a danger that after a few episodes could annoy : honestly, I do not think it will. For me, this pilot needs only two words: cool. Crazy. We can well say, Ash is back and ... groovy.

Escapist Magazine

The Littlest Deadite" Book Brings The Evil Dead II to a New Generation

November 10, 2015

By: Jared Jones

With Ash vs. Evil Dead currently killing it over on the Starz network, it's safe to say that Sam Raimi's creation (and Bruce Campbell's career) is exepriencing a much-deserved renaissance, both among fans of the original series and 20-somethings looking for a raunchy, gory good time.

But there is one key demographic that The Evil Dead series has never been able to capture: 10 year olds.

Perhaps due to the violence, the language, or the fact that its first incarnation features a tree rape scene, The Evil Dead has never been a big hit amongst toddlers and pre-teens...until now.

That's because artist Sean Hughes has deftly combined the world of children's fairy tales and The Evil Dead with his recently released creation, The Littlest Deadite, a children's tale complete with creepy yet somehow adorable illustrations.


Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite



12 November 2015

Videos: Lucy and Bruce on Late Show with Stephen Colbert Full Interview & Ruby Meets Ash

Here's the full interview that Lucy and Bruce did on the Late Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night plus Ruby and Ash’s first meeting Video courtesy of Starz PR

Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite

Lucy and Bruce on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert 10 November 2015
Posted on: 11th November 2015

Lucy and Bruce on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert 10 November 2015

Bruce and Lucy were on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on 10 November 2015 to talk about Ash Vs Evil Dead Video via Starz Entertainment PR




Ruby Meets Ash – Ash Vs Evil Dead Clip
Posted on: 11th November 2015

Ruby Meets Ash – Ash Vs Evil Dead Clip

Episode clip of Ruby meeting up with Ash. Bruce and Lucy were on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on 10 November 2015 to talk about Ash Vs Evil Dead and the following clip was shown Video via Starz Entertainment PR



7 November 2015

Press Release: Upcoming Guests on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: Lucy and Bruce 10 November



Monday through Friday, 11:35 PM-12:37 AM, ET/PT

(*Denotes changes and/or additions to previous schedule

(n) Denotes new broadcast)

*Tuesday, Nov. 10 Comedian Aziz Ansari; Shonda Rhimes; Actors Bruce Campbell & Lucy Lawless (n)


Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite



7 November 2015

Ash Vs Evil Dead Episode Art S1E1 Smoking Ruby by MaryD

rubyS1E1The episode still is from a deleted scene from Ash vs Evil Dead with Lucy as Ruby Knowby.

The following is from Metro US Magazine: You only have what’s basically a cameo in the first episode.

There was more to that scene, but Sam found it too mean-spirited, so he cut it out. It involved my character smoking like a train, and some little kid comes up to her and tells her her mommy thinks smoking is dirty. And the kid gets a cup of coffee in the face. It was just too mean. [Laughs] It was funny, but a bit mean.


Artwork by MaryD

Click on the thumbnail for the larger version


Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite



7 November 2015

Lucy Reveals A Deleted Scene from Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 1

deletedMetro US has an interview with Lucy about Ash Vs Evil Dead. Lucy reveals the reason we got a promo still from the first episode that wasn’t featured in the first episode.


You only have what’s basically a cameo in the first episode.

There was more to that scene, but Sam found it too mean-spirited, so he cut it out. It involved my character smoking like a train, and some little kid comes up to her and tells her her mommy thinks smoking is dirty. And the kid gets a cup of coffee in the face. It was just too mean. [Laughs] It was funny, but a bit mean. Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite




Image635825230201193170Lucy Lawless remembers hating the first 'Evil Dead'

"Xena: Warrior Princess" legend Lucy Lawless talks about being the Dean Martin to Bruce Campbell's Jerry Lewis on "Ash vs. Evil Dead," and talks about the upside about getting 120 hours of community service.

Lucy Lawless wasn't so happy with the 1981 horror "The Evil Dead." But never say never: a decade-and-change later she was married to its producer, Robert Tapper, and working with star Bruce Campbell and filmmaker Sam Raimi on the shows "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" followed by her starring role on "Xena: Warrior Princess." Now the gang is back together with “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” the new show that picks up with Campbell’s Ash, the salty, one-handed, demon-battling hero of Raimi’s “Evil Dead” series. Lawless plays Ruby, and though she’s only around a bit in the first few episodes, she soon joins forces to fight the latest apocalypse, even if she’s mostly giving the older but still feisty Ash a hard time.

Read Full Interview



7 November 2015

Xena Wins 'Most Kick-Ass Woman in TV History' - TV Guide Magazine Scan

Xena won 'Most Kick-Ass Woman in TV History' on TV Insider - the scan is from TV Guide 9-22 November 2015 Issue.







4 November 2015

Ash vs. Evil Dead Episode 1: “El Jefe” Recap, Podcast and Stills

Season 1 – Episode 1 “El Jefe”
Ash is baaack! 30 years after his last Deadite fight, badass monster fighter Ash Williams unleashes the Evil in an act of carelessness, bringing Deadite mayhem into his life again.


Lucy Mention:

In a side story, we’re introduced to State Police officer Amanda Fisher (Jill Marie Jones), who encounters Deadites at a domestic disturbance call and has to kill her partner when he’s possessed by one. Afterwards, Amanda runs into a mysterious stranger (Lucy Lawless) who appears to know what’s going on.

Read the full recap hereReview of episode 1 on Rolling Stone


Episode Still



Episode Recap Podcast


Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite



2 November 2015

Lucy as Ruby Promo Images Ash Vs Evil Dead

Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite


Season 1 Episode 1



Promo Images