Image has a look back on our incredible show in it's 20th year. They interview Renee, Hudson, Ted and Steven.

Xena: Warrior Princess 20 years later: The cast and creators look back

Two decades have passed since television viewers were introduced to the fun, campy and emotional Xena: Warrior Princess. Yet if the response from passionate Xenites to news of a possible reboot showed us anything this year, it’s that Xena’s legacy and fanbase have remained strong since the show premiered on Sept. 4, 1995.

Xena’s story began before she received her own series, however, when her character appeared as a villain on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. She received such a positive response that discussions of a spinoff led to her being chosen to helm the new show. Her story of seeking redemption by helping others as she turned from her ruthless, evil ways would help set her apart from Hercules. According to Steven Sears, a writer and producer for Xena’s first five seasons, Hercules was like their big brother. It was their launching pad, and the success of Hercules was one of the reasons Xena had a chance and was able to become successful. The team knew, however, that they didn’t want to be another Hercules.

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