Image635856095799781546Here’s news about the new Ash Vs Evil Dead Soundtrack which has been released digitally on December 11 (available now on Itunes) and on CD on December 18 on Varese Sarabande – you can pre-order a copy now from here

Joe LoDuca is once again at the helm and you know it will be amazing PLUS you  have the added bonus of Lucy doing some of the vocals.

Ash, our hero finally has his theme, a retro-lone gunman-with-a-chainsaw voiced on baritone guitar,” described LoDuca. To achieve this “I played a one-man 70’s rock band on some of the tracks. Fortunately, I also had a full orchestra and chorus on the music that appears on the album [with] Lucy Lawless and Gia Warner on vocals, and Rayse Biggs on trumpet [who] graced a few of the tracks.”

1. Sheet Show / Main Title (4:32)
2. Ain’t For Shabbas (3:23)
3. Linda / Where It Began (2:21)
4. Ash’s Trip (2:52)
5. It Did Happen / Outta Here (2:54)
6. A Foul Wind Bloweth / Mom Returns (2:47)
7. Deer Amanda / Shut Up Linda (3:51)
8. The Handyman Can’t (:47)
9. Adios, Tio Brujo (2:32)
10. Soave Pablo / She Got Him (2:34)
11. Offer To Fisher / Handy Escape / She Was Ruby (2:21)
12. Let’s Start Over / Pablo’s Process (2:11)
13. Kill Me Now / Perp’s Getting Away (2:08)
14. No Accident (2:05)
15. Evil Catches Up (1:13)
16. Missed Ya’ (1:39)
17. Amanda Returns (2:42)
18. Ritual (2:19)
19. Not My Boyfriend / Burn The Cabin (1:24)
20. Burn Baby / Mortal Toys (3:56)
21. Without Evil There Is No Good (2:42)
22. Ash’s Theme (1:34)

Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite

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