Lucy has been involved in two shows in 2015 that may win Fangoria’s Best TV Show of the year and she has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Salem. You can vote for Lucy and the tv shows she has been involved by going here


Gillian Anderson, HANNIBAL
Jamie Lee Curtis, SCREAM QUEENS
Dana DeLorenzo, ASH VS. EVIL DEAD
Lucy Lawless, SALEM




Find out more about Lucy's role as Countess Marburg in Salem by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Salem Subsite


SALEM (Showrunners: Brannon Braga and Adam Simon)

There’s no doubting FANGO’s love for SALEM in its second season, having been vocal about how the series had been among the most satisfying programs of the year. But with incredible practical FX, genuinely macabre subject matter and content that would make any ratings board blush, SALEM earned every word of fanfare. Add in the Lovecraftian elements that the series wielded like a sinister sword and SALEM was all-but-guaranteed a Chainsaw nomination, even though it’s vocal fanbase need more than a little luck to secure a win for the WGN America series.


Ash vs Evil Dead

Find out more about Lucy's new role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash vs Evil Dead Subsite

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1

ASH VS. EVIL DEAD (Showrunner: Craig DiGregorio)

With the pilot being among the best hours of horror TV in 2015, ASH VS. EVIL DEAD luckily showed the chops to kick-ass for all ten episodes. With Bruce Campbell leading an excellent ensemble that includes Dana DeLorenzo, Ray Santiago, Jill Marie Jones and Lucy Lawless, ASH VS. EVIL DEAD brought hilarity and horror in equal measure, resulting in the most consistently splattery of this year’s contenders. And when Ash returned to the Cabin late in the season, ASH VS. EVIL DEAD captured the EVIL DEAD spirit wholly and guaranteed itself a spot among this year’s Chainsaw nominees.


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