ImageGenevieve Valentine is interviewed on the Dyanmite comic book site:

Genevieve talks about Xena: Warrior Princess #4, on sale in July from Dynamite.

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BB: As the book reaches issue #4 in July, are there any aspects of this tale that you would love to take in another direction – even in a spinoff series maybe, or a sequel – to explore in more detail? If so, what are they?

GV: There are so many places any Xena story can go (one of the things I love about her!). But I can't lie, my first thought about this – based on an offhand comment in issue #3 – was a flashback issue about Ares and that dramatic-ass cape constantly trying to smooth-talk his way into places where he expects Xena to be, absolutely failing at every turn, and sullenly collecting a bunch of Xena merchandise just to deflect everybody's suspicions about the guy who keeps "casually" pretending to look for a woman who's been dead for 25 years. Would it work? No. Did it stop me from imagining it? Nope.


Xena: Warrior Princess #4

ImageSKU: C72513024649304011
Rating: Teen +
Cover: Jenny Frison
Writer: Genevieve Valentine
Art: Ariel Medel
Genre: Fantasy, Media Tie-In
Publication Date: July 2016
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 pages
UPC: 725130246493 04011

With half the Harpies taken hostage and on their way to Rome as war prizes, Xena and Gabrielle set off on a desperate rescue mission. The Harpies are ready for battle, and even Ares has joined the fray, but with Rome hungry for victory at any cost, they might already be too late. It's battle on two fronts... and when Gabrielle faces a terrible choice, will she risk losing Xena to save the world?

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