Image636004179111258108Firefly films has released the character name for Lucy’s role in the New Zealand film The Changeover. Lucy plays the role of Miryam Carlisle.

According to the novel, Lucy’s character is that of Miryam Carlisle, Sorenson's mother, a witch. Apparently she comes from a line of witches because Miryam’s mother is also a witch!

We used to keep count how many times Lucy died as Xena and other roles. Now I think we need to keep count how many ‘witch’ roles Lucy is doing!


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As Previously Announced on 06 May 2016

It has been announced that Lucy will be in a new movie called The Changeover. The movie is the screen adaptation of the Young Adult novel “The Changeover: A Supernatural Romance” by Margaret Mahy.

The film is about:

“A 16-year-old who lives in a low-rent suburb on the edge of earthquake-scarred Christchurch with her mother and four-year-old brother. When an ancient spirit attacks her brother and slowly drains the life out of him, she discovers her true identity and the supernatural ability within her, which she must harness to save her brother’s life.

Lucy is joined by actors: Timothy Spall, Melanie Lynskey, Charlie Heaton, Erana James, Stefania LaVie Owen, Jamie Curry
Directed by: Stuart McKenzie, Miranda Harcourt

Screenplay by: Stuart McKenzie


Based on the Young Adult novel: "The Changeover: A Supernatural Romance"

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