Oh look at that photo! Ruby is going to blast some deadite into oblivion – with two guns but also watch out because someone is lurking behind Ash and Ruby! While you are distracted from the vision of Ruby holding the gun, the figure lurking behind them is approaching!

BTW NBC thinks this woman can’t play Xena…someone needs to give NBC a refresher course in Lucy Lawless doing action scenes. Just A thought…

E Online says…Things are about to get bloody for Ash vs. Evil Dead. Well, bloodier.  In the sneak peek teaser trailer below, Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless mix it up with all sorts of weapons—Xena's got a gun!—and the results are exactly what you'd expect.

The second season, which will be 10 half-hour episodes, picks up with Ash (Campbell) returning to his hometown of Elk Grove. He confronts Ruby (Lawless) and the former enemies have to form an alliance as Elk Grove becomes the center of all evil. Oh yeah, Ruby now has the Necronomicon.

The cast also includes Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo. Lee Majors, Ted Raimi and Michelle Hurd join the cast for the new season. Campbell, Sam Rami, Rob Tapert, Ivan Raimi and Craig DiGregorio serve as executive producers on the Starz series.




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