ImageWow what an exciting and exhilarating day this has been! I'm totally buggered but I've been crunching numbers and it has perked me right up. We have some tentative totals (tentative in the case that people may have donated instead of bid, people rounding up (they do that A LOT) when paying for their items). These are the raw figures and they have BLOWN. ME. AWAY.

Today has been an awesome way to celebrate 20 years of my baby!
Part 1 of the big bash celebrating AUSXIP's 20th Anniversary happened in March. That was a tiny auction and that raised
$2995 NZD

Part 2 was the Mother of all AUSXIP Auctions and that has raised...
$14,067.58 NZD

Plus I donated all my royalties from my coloring books and the AUSXIP Merchandise Store for all of 2016 - $1000 NZD

Grand total (NZD) is: $18,062.58

In the last ten years (2006 being the 1st Starship auction and AUSXIP's 10th Birthday) we have raised $173,062 for Starship. Doesn't that just blow your mind?
Roger and myself started the first auction - that was a rollercoaster ride - Renee's autographed items were supposed to be posted to Australia but they detoured to Austria instead of Australia and came back to me 1 day before the auction was to start...wwwwweeeee! Our first auction raised just over $8000. We were later joined by Lori Boyles for the last 3 auctions. I have such an awesome team. SERIOUSLY awesome, dedicated team.

Starship have gone to great lengths to help us by making the process SO EASY. These people are INCREDIBLE.

Lastly...all of you. I can't begin to tell you how much support has been given to this auction by all of you. Whether you donated, bid, you won or you spread the word. It's truly inspiring and I'm touched by your generosity and your love. A love for what Xena Warrior Princess has been about and continues to be 21 years later. An incredible fandom that is just EXTRAORDINARY in it's power and heart.

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