Rob Tapert’s official Facebook Page has been updated with a mini Q & A.

Okay a few questions were raised and I sent them to Rob. Here are the answers in this mini Rob Tapert Q&A


Q. Will Pleasuredome be recorded and turned into a DVD?

Rob: No DVD will be available. This is strictly "a be there in the live event"


Q. Will this tour outside of New Zealand?

Rob: And as far as touring, that is the hope but not with Lucy.


So it looks like if you want to see this incredible show with Lucy as Sappho, you will have to trek down to New Zealand. NZ is GORGEOUS and you get to see a great place and catch an awesome show.

The actual show is built around a real street (Patiki Rd) that has been used on Ash Vs Evil Dead as downtown Michigan and now it's turned into a real 1980's New York street. Tickets can be bought here


You can find out more about the musical by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Pleasuredome Musical Subsite