Lucy is talking about Pleasuredome in the post on Facebook. Sappho, her character, falls in love with Lilith, a younger woman who is the daughter of the property developer who wants to knock down the Pleasuredome club. As you can see that will cause massive complications!

Sappho sings “I’m On Fire” and it has become a fan favourite at the shows. For obvious reasons because Lucy sings it beautifully and she is trying to convey her love to Lilith.


Here’s the Boss singing it:



You don’t know what Pleasuredome is? Where have you been, in a coma or a cave without internet connection? Never mind you’re online now and reading this. For more about Lucy's role as Sappho in Pleasuredome Musical head on over to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Pleasuredome subsite and then to go to ticketek and get yourself a ticket. Trust me, you’re going to come away with the urge to go buy another ticket for the following day. Give in to that urge.

Sappho is a glorious addiction – Lilli seems to think so!

If you haven’t read my review of Pleasuredome…why not? Oh wait yes you were in a coma or in cave without internet access. Go here to read my LONG review (It’s almost the length of a novella – I had A LOT to say).