Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 3 will be back for Season 3 in 2018. Here’s the scoop about where the show left off in Season 2 and what’s coming up in Season 3. For more about Lucy's role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead head on over to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash Vs Evil Dead subsite

Premieres: Sunday, Feb. 25 at 9/8c

Where We Left Off: The Season 2 finale left us with a lot of changes: the deaths of Ruby (Lucy Lawless), Baal (Joel Tobeck), and Ash's dad (again). But the biggest death of all was undoubtedly the cabin in the woods. Returning to the location for the second finale in a row, it didn't survive the boss battle this time, sinking straight into hell. Granted, this incident also happened in 1980, and '80s Ruby survived both the cabin fire and the trip back to the present, so who the hell knows where Season 3 will take her, Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) and Ash (Bruce Campbell) next.

The Scoop: As fans can see in this exclusive production still, Ash vs. Evil Dead is going to a brand new realm in Season 3, the likes of which the characters have never seen before. "The Dead World is a realm never explored in the Evil Dead franchise," explains new showrunner Ray Santiago. The murky, ashy, almost Stranger Things-esque location might seem similar to our world, but is "a place where all your greatest fears come to life, and force you to face what scares you most."

Fans should expect Ash and team to be pushed to the limit in Dead World. According to Santiago, they can "trust no one. Who is dead? Who is alive? No can tell." "In the Dead World, even Ash and the gang might be done. [It's] a place where the choices you make determine your next destination," says Santiago. "Dead or alive, here it comes."



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