Lucy is on the Rainbow Warrior II with Greenpeace in The Great Australian Bite to protect Whales and stop oil drilling. You can sign up to this campaign.

The Great Australian Bight is like nowhere else on earth - it’s home to thriving seaside communities, whale sanctuaries, sea lions, and jaw-dropping undersea critters. It’s also one of the riskiest places to drill for oil, with wild waters and fragile ecosystems. Australia’s Government is in the pocket of Big Oil. But the movement of people vs. oil is building. If we can end oil in the Bight, we have a chance at making oil history - everywhere.

Show Australia’s Government that we’re watching their next move.

Lucy said in the released Greenpeace press release

“Now we need our Australian neighbours to crank up the pressure. Together, we could protect the Southern Seas that connect our two countries and create one of the biggest oil free blocks on the planet. An obvious first step is saving the Great Australian Bight.”


Here’s some video and images

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