Image636818573391284185io9 had 8 Reasons Why Horror Ruled TV in 2018 and Ash Vs Evil Dead was one of them:

Ash vs. Evil Dead ended its three-season run this year—a bummer made even more potent when horror icon Bruce Campbell announced the series finale would be the last time he’d ever play Ash Williams, a character he’d embodied since the first Evil Dead movie in 1981. But just because we won’t get any groovy new Ash adventures doesn’t take anything away from the joy that Ash vs.

Evil Dead brought to TV screens this year—and by joy, I mean gut-sloshingly gory horror delights. Season three saw Ash reconnect with the teenage daughter he never realized he had, as he and the “Ghostbeaters” did their chainsaw-swinging best to keep Deadites out of Ash’s Michigan hometown (and the world at large, really).

After briefly becoming a “good” version of herself in season two, Lucy Lawless’ Ruby reverted to maximum malevolence, giving birth to yet another version of Bad Ash to torment our hero as part of a grand scheme to rip the universe apart. While it would’ve been cool to see the show continue, especially since it ended on a very Army of Darkness-evoking cliffhanger…we’ll always treasure what Ash vs. Evil Dead was able to accomplish, even if we often had to watch it while peeking between our fingers.

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