Australian SFX Magazine 5 December 2018

At a time when people are celebrating female icons, many are looking back at Xena as a groundbreaking show for female empowerment. “The #MeToo era is the perfect time to bring back Xena and Gabrielle to set the world to rights!” says Lucy Lawless, who played Xena from 1995 to 2001 and has starred in Battlestar Galactica and Ash V Evil Dead. now Lawless is about to produce and star in new Australian TV drama My Life Is Murder where, she happily reveals, “there will be no blood and guts” – for once!

Would you like to play the role of Xena again?

I would in a one-off. I wouldn’t do the lifestyle again – I couldn’t! That’s for someone young and hungry. I’m always rolling my eyes when there’s an action component in something I’m doing now because I’m so bored with it. But I’d do a limited thing.

What would Xena be doing if she was around now?

I like to think she’d be a special prosecutor!

Did you keep any set souvenirs?

Not so much Xena stuff. With Xena I think everything was pretty trashed by the end. I might have a few weapons – I’ll let the kids duke it out with them!

What would it say on Xena’s gravestone?

I don’t really want to channel Arnie, but, “I’ll be back!” Every character I’ve ever played always comes back. “Not resting in peace!”

For more about Lucy’s role on Xena: Warrior Princess, check out the Australian Xena Information Page (AUSXIP)

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