The terror never ends. Over 40 people were murdered in Christchurch, NZ by a Right Wing Terrorist. Over 40 people who that day did nothing wrong but go to a Mosque to pray. There are no words to adequantely convey the horror and loss. Lucy posted her singing "Our Hearts Are Hurting" which is (unfortunately) appropriate.

Christchurch Terrorist Attack Update: I've been looking into how Xenites can donate to help the families affected by this horrific attack.

AUSXIP will be helping raise funds via the AUSXIP Charity Auction during our annual charity auction in September - a portion of the money raised will be donated on behalf of the Xenaverse for the families. If you would like to donate for the fundraiser, contact me or see me at the Xenite Retreat to discuss it.

Until then, there are several ways you can help right now:



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