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11 July 2019

Crime-Fighting Queens Team Up To Be Crooks!

Lucy Lawless is familiar with playing a bad-ass on screen – she was Xena Warrior Princess after all! Now the New Zealand actress, 51, has teamed up with acting newcomer Ebony Vagulans, 22, to crack unsolvable crimes in the new quirky crime series My Life is Murder.

What’s the show about?

Lucy: It’s like Agatha Christie meets Sex and the City and the city is Melbourne. It’s modern, sexy and stylish. And Alexa [Lucy’s character] does have some meaningless hot sex just to pass the evening – because she’s a woman and she wants to!

What was it like for you getting this big break, Ebony?

It was amazing. I was at home with my mum and my brother, and we all started crying and dancing around the house when Lucy called – it was such a big deal!

Lucy: Your phone was broken, remember. We couldn’t get hold of you for days and days. So we had to chase her down, but it was meant to be.

Tell us about your characters…

Lucy: My character Alexa is a rule-breaking lady of a certain age who isn’t interested in compromising too much. She solves crimes as a way of getting out of a hole she’d gotten into after the death of her policeman husband.

Ebony: Maddie’s a data analyst, an ambitious and intelligent young woman who desperately wants to become a detective. It’s so exciting for her.

Who was your favourite guest star on the show?

Lucy: It’s very hard for me to go past my dear friend, the always fabulous Magda Szubanski who plays my school frenemy. That was a fun day at work!

premieres Wednesday, July 17 at 8.30pm on Network Ten



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