Aussies fire up your browsers and hop on to 10 Play to watch Lucy’s new show My Life Is Murder. It will be available for 2 days only on the streaming service for Channel 10 and then it goes to TV.

For non Aussies: My Life is Murder will screen on Acorn TV (US / Canada). I’m not sure when it will air in the UK.


(10Play - Wednesday, July 10 from 12pm for 48 hours)

If there’s one person you want solving your murder, it’s Xena the Warrior Princess. Sorry, that should have read Lucy Lawless. Well, technically her character Alexa Crowe, an oddball but whip-smart former homicide detective.

Just because she’s a civilian doesn’t mean she’s going to give up her sleuthing ways, so her ex-colleague brings her on as a consultant, because the one thing these procedural crime shows need, it’s a character who seems to be the only person who can solve the crime.

My Life is Murder relies heavily on Lawless’ charisma and screen presence to make it stand out.

The first episode will be available to stream this week, but only for 48 hours, and then it will be broadcast on Channel 10 next week.

Find out more about Lucy's role on My Life is Murder by going to the AUSXIP My Life is Murder subsite

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