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The Mystery of the Locked Room (S1 E2)

Confronted with two more perplexing cases, Alexa is forced to dig deep and use the sharpest of her sleuthing skills in the pursuit of these canny killers

Summoned to a nearby motel by her former police superior, friend and wannabe lover Kieran (Bernard Curry), Alexa (Lucy Lawless) quickly discovers that these joints can accommodate secrets as well as paying guests! And someone who’s been in this particular room seems to be extremely keen to keep its goings-on private at all costs...

Inside this room – which has been chain-locked from the inside – lies the corpse of a seemingly ordinary bloke who’s found himself on the wrong end of a gun. Alexa’s initial ndings highlight that the unfortunate victim was an everyday fella who had no obvious enemies. From all accounts he appeared to be so likeable that everyone was his friend. The scene also yields the conclusion that he died alone – potentially suggesting suicide, but the fatal wound suggests otherwise...

It soon presents as a more clear-cut case of homicide when it emerges that a mystery woman was on the scene at the time the victim was still alive. Maybe he was having an affair with her? Unless he was attempting something far less scandalous and more noble? Whichever happens to be the case, Alexa is sure left scratching her head! If the woman did kill him, how on Earth did she escape the scene of the crime through a chain-locked door that she was able to leave secured after she’d left? Curious!

The moonlighting detective gets a break at last as evidence emerges that belongs to someone she knows! Nikki Malone (Danielle Cormack) is Alexa’s prime suspect, primarily because she’s a dangerous gure who’s had plenty of run-ins with her in the past. The fact that Nikki is now advertising herself as a law-abiding citizen and nightclub owner doesn’t cut any ice with Alexa.

Digging deep, she’s certain that Nikki’s still a sinner, especially when her daughter Cassie behaves rather shiftily under Alexa’s interrogation. An aspiring singer, Cassie is more interested in her career than answering questions – but there’s a strong sense that she knows a lot more about the dead man than she’s willing to readily admit...

It’s left to Alexa to prove her theory’s watertight and link Nikki conclusively to the motel murder – without putting the police case, or herself, in any danger. Dun-dun-dun!

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