Rule of Law

Western Suburbs Weekly
9 July 2019

LUCY Lawless became an actor because of her desire to live alternate lives.

“Every role that you do, you get to experience a new country, a new city, a new way of dressing, a new way of relating to people,” Lawless said.

“There might be horses in it or there might be airplanes or you might be thrown out of a helicopter.

“That’s the wildness of my career and I’ve been so lucky to be able to continue it for so long.”

Based in Auckland, the Xena: Warrior Princess star has added to her acting bio with her first Australian lead role as Alexa Crowe in Ten’s drama My Life Is Murder, starting Wednesday, July 17.

Crowe is a former homicide detective who left the police force after her husband, also a cop, died.

“Alexa gets dragged back in to solving crimes by her former colleague Kieran (Bernard Curry),” Lawless said.

“She’s a bit of a misanthrope and it’s with reluctance that she learns to love all these uninvited visitors in her life.

“She is rather unfiltered, which I think is attractive because we all wish we could be a little bit more truthful.

“And she gets in a lot of trouble but she doesn’t care, which is kind of attractive too.

“She’s on a quest for truth and sometimes the truth hurts her and sometimes the truth hurts other people.”

Filmed in Melbourne, the show features an impressive list of guest stars whom Lawless said were more like co-stars.

“We’ve managed to get amazing people like Don Hany and Magda Szubanski because we’re offering them a tasty role,” she said. “We probably couldn’t afford to pay them what they deserved, but we knew we were offering more than the average guest star position.

“We’re very proud of the show and believe we’ve made something very special that’s very Australian but also international.”

Find out more about Lucy's role on My Life is Murder by going to the AUSXIP My Life is Murder subsite

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