Lucy was interviewed on Stuff about climate change and in particular about farming and trees. You can also read the full interview on the Sunday Star Times with Lucy.

Scans: Sunday Star Times: Laying Down The Law - Lucy Lawless Interview 22 September 2019


Lucy Lawless' protesting days might be over. The actress was famously arrested for chaining herself to an oil drilling ship and joined an at-sea demonstration in the chilly waters north of Norway.

Lawless, who made her name playing fearless leather-clad super-hero Xena: Warrior Princess, admits she was terrified during the 2012 Greenpeace blockade of the Noble Discoverer.

The activists were trying to stop the crew leaving for the Arctic and scaled the ship's 53-metre drilling tower.

"I was really scared beforehand. When you cut a wire in a fence that really is crossing the Rubicon

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