Channel 10 (Australia) had their 2020 Upfronts (where they showcase all their new shows and returning shows on 10 October 2019.

Unfortunately My Life is Murder won’t be returning for a second season as it wasn’t mentioned in the upfronts. Maybe another channel will be pick up the show for the second season. Maybe Channel 10 intends to be bring the show back and announce it in 2020, but it looks as if we are not getting any more My Life is Murder. It’s a shame because the show really picked up steam and was getting into a groove. It didn’t help that it ran headlong into the Ashes Cricket and that Channel 10 just moved it around a lot with various timeslots.

The Australian site TV Blackbox podcast mentioned Lucy and My Life is Murder that it wasn’t mentioned in the upfronts and they speculated that it may be in negotiations.


You can listen to the podcast and the mention is right at the end around the 33 minute mark.


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