Lucy's part is around the 35 minute mark and the 50:32 mark of the almost hour long video.

Many members of our Film & TV Music community - from composers to musicians to singers to those involved in preparing, recording and mixing - are suffering from the financial and emotional impact of COVID-19. These are the people whose scores and songs transport, inspire, uplift and get us through some of the hardest challenges by creating the soundtracks of our lives. SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES: A CELEBRATION FOR THE FILM & TV MUSIC COMMUNITY, is raising money for MusiCares® COVID-19 Relief Fund, which was created to provide support to the music community during the pandemic crisis. Donate now at



00:00:00 - A Message from Harvey Mason Jr.
00:00:44 - Jane’s Extraordinary Soundtrack Playlist
00:01:28 - Musicians!
00:05:41 - A Message from Sting
00:06:31 - Different Directions, Different Scores #1
00:08:09 - Tell it From the Heart: The Power of Music for the Audience
00:11:55 - Another Day Inside
00:14:16 - Different Directions, Different Scores #2
00:15:37 - A Message from Harvey Mason Jr. About MusiCares
00:16:28 - Different Directions, Different Scores #3
00:17:25 - Finding Your Voice
00:18:27 - A Whole New World
00:21:11 - Different Directions, Different Scores #4
00:21:59 - A Message from Hans Zimmer
00:23:06 - Tell it From the Heart: The Power of Music for the Artist
00:24:18 - The Nightmare Before Christmas Reunion
00:27:36 - Tell it From the Heart: The Scoring Community
00:31:19 - Kathryn Bostic: A Look at Black Composers in Film and Television
00:32:57 - Tell it From the Heart: Community Reinvented
00:34:41 - Name That TV Tune!
00:40:01 - MusiCares PSA
00:40:31 - Tell it From the Heart: MusiCares
00:44:23 - Different Directions, Different Scores #5
00:44:43 - Tell it From the Heart: Quarantine Reflections
00:47:31 - Rainbow Connection
00:50:51 - The End Titles

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