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NZ New Idea - 21 August 2004 - Saving Lives
Xena's Lucy Lawless becomes a real-life heroine as she steps up for World Vision to save children's lives

Girlfriends Magazine - August 2004 Interview with Lucy and Renee about Life After Xena - Transcript and scans by Gova - The Stars of the cult hit reflect on their characters' lesbian appeal and answer the question: could the Warrior Princess kick Buffy the Vampire Slayer's ass?

Celebrity Skin Magazine - July 2004 - Issue #130 - short blurb and scans of Lucy as Xena from various episodes. *I have chosen not to post two of the pics in the article because of the nudity (from episodes FIN - Xena's robe removed by the evil Yodoshi & Many Happy Returns - Gab and Xena about to jump into the pond*

The Advocate - 24 July 2004 - "Help Is on the Way" AIDS fund-raiser, August 2 in San Francisco

There is  a very brief mention of Lucy on the Playbill site about the upcoming Help Is on the Way Benefit -

Variety Magazine - 19 July 2004 also has a small snippet about the Outfest Awards and how Lucy was a guest presenter.

NZ New Idea - 3 July 2004 -Lucy at the 4th Annual Los Angeles LGBT Pride Parade

Lesbian News Magazine - July 2004 Issue - Lucy Lawless is at Home in the LGBT Community. Lucy talks about Frontrunners, the upcoming Help Is On the Way X benefit and what her future plans involve. Doesn't look like they involved a return to Xena for a movie.

Enquirer Magazine - June 2004 - UK Edition. Has a scan of Lucy from the LA Frontrunners Pride Run

Telescope Magazine - May 2004 - interview with Lucy about the Warrior Women documentary - Scans and Transcript

Interview with Lucy and scan from the Malayasian magazine "Galaxie" - May 2004 - Forgotten Heroines in English. Lucy chats candidly about Warrior Women. being Xena and moving on. Many thanks to Ann for the article

Variety Magazine - 19 April 2004
New Zealand women & film: New Zealand's internationally acclaimed women filmmakers pride themselves on their unique perspective.

Ultimate DVD Magazine - Issue #53 Spotlight on Hollywood - Interview with Lucy Lawless on the Season Three DVD

There is a mention of Lucy in the NZ Herald 3 May 2004
Even the judges seemed to enjoy themselves, with the exception of guest Lucy Lawless, whose critiques made it sound as though she wasn't sure what she was doing there. She told Murphy he would be an amazing star - in 10 years' time. To read the entire article go to:
NZ Herald -  Axe hovering - who will get the chop from NZ Idol? - 3 May 2004

Oprah Magazine - May 2004 which looks at female role models / action heroines from Wonder Woman, Cagney & Lacey, Xena and the rest of the action heroes that followed Xena.

Woman's Day (TV Day Supplement)- 1-7 May 2005 - Xena: Warrior Daughter Issue. Lucy talks about her role model - her mum and how she thinks that being a good mother is the best role model she can be. Article discusses upcoming Warrior Women in NZ and Australia on Discovery.

Skywatch Magazine (NZ cable programme guide) - May 2004. The article is about the upcoming WW series on Discovery in New Zealand with another gorgeous Lucy photo

The Sunday Telegraph TV Guide - 25 April - 1 May 2004. Lucy talks about the Warrior Women series that will be on Discovery in Australia, a little about a possible Xena movie and Eurotrip

NZ TV Guide - May 1-7, 2004 - transcript and scans from the NZ TV Guide - May 1-7, 2004 - Lucy talks about Warrior Women and also about the Xena Movie

Ask Men - March 2004 - Lucy Lawless - We Love This Warrior Princess Interview with Lucy - Lucy talks about Tarzan and Eurotrip

Toronto 24 Hours Magazine - 19 February 2004 - brief mention of Lucy attending the Eurotrip Premiere and close up scan

New Lucy Interview - LesbiaNation - 31 March 2004

We recently caught up with former "Xena" star Lucy Lawless making the pilot season rounds in Los Angeles, what she calls "the roller coaster of hell." The public hasn't seen much of Lawless since her brief guest role on "The X-Files," her animated appearance on "The Simpsons" (and that tiny walk-on in Spiderman), but now she's back and ready for action. With two new film appearances under her belt, possible "negotiations" in the works for a TV show, and the new Xena Season Three DVD set on the shelves - she's one busy lady, and loving every crazy minute of it.

Read the entire interview


Interview with Lucy from Fangoria Magazine- February 2004 - Lucy Lawless talks about Boogeyman

Celebrity Skin Magazine - March 2004 - this issue has a picture of Lucy from the Red Wings game which I've decided not to post for obvious reasons so please don't ask me why it's not there BUT  there is a couple of greats photos of Lucy - one from the Saturn Awards - June 12, 2001 in a low cut red dress and the other as Xena. Many thanks to Ann for the scans

NZ TV Guide - March 2004 - Lucy attending Eurotrip Premiere

The Hollywood Reporter -24 February 2004 (Second article) on the merits of shooting films in New Zealand with new tax incentives and quotes from Rob about Boogeyman and why New Zealand

The Hollywood Reporter - 24 February 2004  - 'Boogeyman': case study.(between the lines)  - article about filming Boogeyman in New Zealand, Lucy, quotes by Rob about the movie and whether it's feasible to shoot another series in NZ.

On Film Magazine - 1 February 2004 International Film & TV summit in April in New Zealand. Lucy is a summit patron

Ask Men - March 2004 - Lucy Lawless - We Love This Warrior Princess

Famous (Canadian Magazine) - February 2004 Issue - Spotlight on Lucy Lawless. Large scan of Lucy from the LOTR premiere and Eurotrip

Hollywood Reporter - 17 February 2004 review of the movie - brief mention of Lucy

Lucy from the La Boheme Premiere - 16 February 2004 from Who Magazine (Australia) and snarky commentary from a panel of four judging Lucy's outfit.

Self Magazine - February 2004 Issue 17 Ways to Feel Great Naked

MediaWeek Q&A  - 5 January 2004 about Lucy's Self Magazine photoshoot and the pictures that weren't published

Back Stage West - 15 January 2004 - Wonder women: the stuntwomen behind Double Dare face off on the dangerous side of acting.