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1993 - 2004

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Celebrity Skin Magazine



  • Celebrity Skin Magazine - July 2004 - Issue #130 - short blurb and scans of
    Lucy as Xena from various episodes. *
    I have chosen not to post two of the pics
    in the article  because of the nudity (from episodes FIN - Xena's robe removed
    by the evil Yodoshi & Many Happy Returns - Gab and Xena about to jump into
    the pond*

  • Celebrity Skin Magazine - March 2004 - this issue has a picture of Lucy from the
    Red Wings game which I've decided not to post for obvious reasons so please don't
    ask me why it's not there BUT  there is a couple of greats photos of Lucy - one from
    Saturn Awards - June 12, 2001 in a low cut red dress and the other as Xena.