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New Lucy Message and Photos Rainbow Warrior III Auction
Posted 17 August 2011

New message from Lucy about her upcoming auction items for raising money for the Raindow Warrior III on 24 August 2011

I am having a wee cry about losing my two friends, 'Tonto' and 'The Lone Ranger' which are the first artworks I ever bought with my Xena pay packet. They are magnificent photos by the now world famous, Michael Parekowhai. He was the big noise at the Venice Biennale this year. I really love everything he does.

These photos are like childhood friends to me. I love their humour and politics. They seem to say, "I'm Big, I'm Camp and I'm here to stay!" I admire this quality in others. I like people that are fruity and comfortable in their skin and ready for action.

I am so committed to raising $$ and awareness of Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior III that I am going to let these go to auction next week in New York. It is run by an outfit called CHARITYBUZZ.

Please help spread the word especially to people in the art world. These are landmark works of a major talent.

They are also auctioning off a dinner with me, though frankly, I recommend you go for the photos!

Love the World!
Lucy Lu

Posted 03 August 2011

I am auctioning a meet and greet as part of the Greenpeace Int'l auction to raise money for the Rainbow Warrior III. I am selling some artwork and personal jewelry. After all, it's not worth shit without a clean planet.

Auction is Aug 24 in NY.

I am on a mission to raise money so that the Rainbow Warrior III can battle 'The Oncelers', as Dr Seuss called them, that are raping our planet. A sustainable future is within our grasp. Evolve now!

Love, love, love,


Here is more info from Greenpeace about their auction efforts:


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  Lucy Lawless Greenpeace Auction Items

Goodness this morning was a frenetic bidding war over Lucy Lawless and her art. It was fun watching this unfold (not so much fun for the bidders).

Dinner With Lucy Lawless

The bidding war was frenzied as the three bidders went head to head for the prize of dinner with Lucy Lawless. What made it more nerve wracking for the bidders was that the CharityBuzz reset the timer back to 9 minutes.

Every time bid, it was reset which must have driven the bidders totally crazy. When the dust settled and the winner emerged $12,500 was the winning bid for a dinner with Lucy Lawless. Congratulations to JudeH for winning the dinner! 

You're My Best Friend, Photographic Prints by Michael Parekowhai

You're My Best Friend, Photographic Prints by Michael Parekowhai which Lucy bought with her first Xena pay packet didn't quite have the last frenetic bidding as the dinner but it jumped from the overnight bid of $10,500 and it jumped to $22,000 where it eventually sold.

Congratulations to Nilgiri for winning the artwork!

At the end of the day both bidders won but Greenpeace was the biggest winner. Lucy generated $34,500 for the Rainbow Warrior III. Greenpeace sent out a news update yesterday that they were on target to get $90,000 but I suspect that is going to be much higher now.



  Greenpeace Support Rainbow Warrior III

Donate For Rainbow Warrior IIIThe legacy of the Rainbow Warrior is important to New Zealanders. When the original Warrior was bombed 25 years ago, in Auckland's harbour, Kiwis rallied to support Greenpeace. In 1989 we launched the Rainbow Warrior II, and now we urgently need to replace her.

As you're probably aware, the New Zealand office hopes to raise $400,000 to fund the new Warrior's "Rapid Response Centre". We've made some great progress towards that goal, raising approximately $150,000 so far. Hundreds of supporters have donated online at www.rainbow-warrior.org.nz and many more have sent donations in through the mail.

Our fundraising auction in Auckland on October 20 was also a great success. Greenpeace supporters, spanning several generations, gathered at Webb's auction house in Newmarket to celebrate the achievements of the Rainbow Warrior and to help write the next chapter in her extraordinary story. There is not space to thank everyone individually, but we'd like to acknowledge the generous Kiwi artists, businesses and supporters who donated items, time and effort to help make this event the success it was.

We still have a funding shortfall, and just eleven months to reach our total. With the perilous state of our planet, the Earth needs the Warrior more than ever before and we're optimistic that our supporters around the country will dig deep to help us get over the line.

Please help spread the word and ensure we launch the Rainbow Warrior III. Donations can be made at www.rainbow-warrior.org.nz, by post, or by phoning 0800 22 33 44.