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Lucy Lawless and Hurricane Katrina

News and Information on How To Help

Lucy Lawless was filming Vampire Bats when Hurricane Katrina tore through New Orleans. Lucy escaped the devastated city. Many people lost their homes and sadly many lost their lives. This section of AUSXIP Lucy Lawless deals with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It had a profound effect on Lucy and to everyone else who witnessed the absolute devastation on property and human life.


Current News:

10 December 2005

  • Added a new section: A Friend In Need Books, Cards & Toys Campaign
    Helping Hurricane Katrina Survivors One Step At A Time.

    The A Friend In Need Cards and Toys Campaign was initiated by fans from
    the Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club after a news article on an angel called Lily Duke. As MNBC reported:
    Within days after Hurricane Katrina hit, Duke managed to do what other relief agencies couldn’t: get food and water to her neighbors. Since then she’s expanded her network, distributing medicine, packaged lunches and bags of ice to as many as 20,000 people a day.

    Lily can't do this on her own - she needs help and the fans have decided to lend a hand.

1 December 2005

Friend In Need Update - Toy Drive

Just got off the phone with Lily Duke.  She's so excited about Taipo's plan and how you're all pitching in.  I told her we might be around to help her even past the holidays  <G>

She mentioned for any folks wanting to send toys that the boys are getting short shrift.  Seems everyone sends girl toys, but forgets the young gentlemen!  They're in need of things like sports items -- baseballs, baseball gloves, soccer balls, basketballs and the other items associated with those sports.  And for the younger boys, Tonka trucks and other small boy toys.

No weapon toys, please.

Read More On How You Can Help

28 November 2005

Cheer Up Hurricane Katrina Survivors Card Campaign

Taipo has a great idea to lift the spirits of those affected by Hurricane Katrina. It involves a woman who started an aid distribution center all on her own in New Orleans. Find out how you can participate.  

27 November 2005

Lucy Back from New Orleans

Lucy and Sharon are back from New Orleans. They "left pieces of our heart and soul in New Orleans".  The site will be updated with images and video footage. There is a new pic of Lucy in The Ninth Ward looking at the devastation. Click here to go to Lawless Ink


26 November 2005

Added high resolution scan from The 31st Annual Thanksgiving Dinner / House Of Blues.



25 November 2005

First Pictures of Lucy at the The 31st Annual Thanksgiving Dinner / House Of Blues - on stage and dancing!
 Lucy Lawless Dancing
NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 23: Deacon John (L) plays guitar while actress Lucy Lawless dances as Sheriff Marlin Gusman's 31st Annual Thanksgiving Dinner honors first responders to Hurricane Katrina on November 23, 2005 at the House of Blues in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
More Images on Getty Images  - do a search for Lucy Lawless.
*Many thanks to Morwen for the news


22 November 2005

A couple of tough days ahead for Lucy as she heads back to New Orleans to lend her support to the fundraising efforts. It's going to be a very tough ride back but not as tough as the people that have lost their homes and have lost loved ones. My thoughts and prayers go out to those people and to Lucy and Sharon.

How can you help? By donating money so you can help someone have a thanksgiving dinner:

The following is from Corps of Compassion:

Bring Thanksgiving back to New Orleans - help us provide an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner for 5000 people who need your help.

Join Sheriff Marlon N. Gussman, The Corps of Compassion and Feed The Relief to feed the elderly, displaced and First Responders - who are also now the victims - homeless and away from their families. You can sponsor an individual, a family or full tables - donate money and gift-cards today:

  • Individual Dinners $20

  • Family $100

  • Full Table $200

Corporate Sponsorship Available - call for details 702-544-1400

If you wish to donate you can do so through paypal through the Corps of Compassion site

Lucy Attending New Orleans Fundraisers Nov. 23 and 24

The following is from Sharon Delaney / Official Lucy Fan Club

  • Lucy's headed off to New Orleans tomorrow to attend a couple fundraisers on Nov. 23 and 24.  One is the New Orleans Louisiana Sheriff's 31st Annual Thanksgiving Day Celebration at the New Orleans House of Blues.  Another one is in Jefferson Parish on Nov. 23.  She wants to help raise awareness that there is still much to be done in New Orleans and on Thanksgiving, this is the time to find a way to do some giving ourselves.
  • Further to the announcement above Sharon indicated she will be going with Lucy and filming thier journey: Iam going with her and the video camera is powered up and loaded with tapes.  I'll be documenting every part of the trip I can.  I don't know that we'll have any internet access so I may be offline until Thanksgiving night.  I don't really have any words for what I'm feeling right now.  Both Lucy and I just hope some good will come of it. Everyone take care of yourselves and each other.

Tickets for the New Orleans Louisiana Sheriff's 31st Annual Thanksgiving Day Celebration are not available. According to the press release:

"On Wednesday, November 23, the night before Thanksgiving, the House of Blues has offered the venue, upon its return since being closed following Hurricane Katrina, to have a free concert for the first response team as its first event. Tickets will be distributed by lottery."

Sharon wasn't sure if Lucy was to perform at the free concert.


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