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30 September 2009

Ausiello Loves Lucy Interview

Starpulse has an interview with Michael Ausiello from TV Guide and Michael reveals what his favourite interview has been. It's Lucy's Comic Con interview on 25 July 2009. it was a very good interview; very relaxed - you would have to be relaxed to talk about merkins with the star of the show! <g>

Q&A With Michael Ausiello: TV Fan, Media Journalist, and Neo-Celebrity (But Don't Try To Tell Him That!)

September 30th, 2009 11:15am EDT


Who has been your favorite interview to date?

It's hard to say "to date" but my most recent favorite interview was Lucy Lawless at Comic Con. I did an interview with her talking about Spartacus and it kind of went into a place I never expected and we were suddenly talking about merkins. I wasn't familiar with what a merkin was, so Lucy Lawless gave me kind of a crash course on it. I had so much fun doing that interview and that was one of those times where it didn't feel like work to me. It was just one of those times where it I felt like I was just sitting back talking to someone, having a great time, and I was really proud of how the interview came out. I just had a really good time watching that interview. It was just a lot of fun and I think that my favorite interviews are with the people that I have relationships with.

Watch The Interview
and view screencaptures

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30 September 2009

Lucy Images - NZ Fashion Show & Qantas Media Event

sundaystills.jpgThe following Lucy image is available for sale at the site.

Event: Zambesi show at Sky City Theatre Lucy Lawless and Brian Long

Date: 22 September 2009

Photography by: Olivia Hemus

Purchase Price: $20 NZD for  7 x 5 print (and higher)

qantasevent.jpgThe following image is from Lucy attending the Qantas Media Awards in Auckland, New Zealand

Date:  05 September 2009,

Photography by Chris Skelton

Purchase Price: $20 NZD for  7 x 5 print (and higher)

nzfashion1.jpgLucy with Designer Richie Rich poses backstage ahead of the A Muse by Richie Rich show on day four of Air New Zealand Fashion Week 2009 at the Westpac Tent, Viaduct Harbour on September 25, 2009 in Auckland, New Zealand.
(Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images)
Click here to view

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30 September 2009

Lucy in NZ Media This Week - Starship Mentions & Pics

northshoretimes011009-pic.jpg Lucy has been mentioned and photos of her with Vicki Maclean and Andrew Young have been printed in two New Zealand papers this week. The articles related to Vicki Maclean's training for the New York Marathon in November and her goal of raising $50,000 for Starship.

The articles appeared in the East and Bays Times 30 September 2009 and North Shore Times 01 October 2009 and appear to be the same article but with different pictures of Lucy.




29 September 2009

What the R#dd!?!? Lucy Lawless has a Kev moment

The following is from the Official Sign On Site about the Aussie Greenpeace campaign to make our Prime Minister's name a dirty word if he doesn't deliver at Copenhagen:

What the R#dd!?!? Lucy Lawless has a Kev moment

While we're all busy Signing On in NZ, across the Tasman they're busy.....swearing.

The Australian Greenpeace office recently launched a new branch of their Copenhagen campaign - it's called Dirty Kev; the idea being that if Prime Minister Rudd goes to Copenhagen and does a dirty deal, Australians will make his name a dirty word. Think "holy k#v", "what the R*dd?" etc etc.

And who better to do a bit of blaspheming than our own Lucy Lawless? Check her out here having a Kev moment:




29 September 2009

Ru Paul Show Set for NZ Debut - Lucy Guest Judge

The Dominion Post has a two page article about Ru Paul's Drag Race and has some Lucy mentions. Not significant but mentions that Lucy is a guest judge on the show and that she's a kiwi.

The show will air in New Zealand on October 18 at 7:30 pm.

For more about Lucy's guest appearance on the show go to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless RuPaul Subsite



28 September 2009

Lucy's New Limited Edition Sign On T-Shirts

New Zealand retail chain, the Warehouse, and iconic Kiwi brand, Huffer, have joined forces with a limited-edition range selling at NZ$29.99. The partnership is part of the Sign-On campaign to reduce greenhouse gases: the T-shirts include a swing tag that doubles as a postcard that can be sent in support of the campaign. There will be a run of 10,000 T-shirts.

Lucy's "John's Cast" t-shirt by Huffer, is now available online from the Warehouse

More Info Sources

Official Sign On Site

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28 September 2009

Lucy Images From NZ Fashion Show & Peace Walk

Here's a roundup of new Lucy Images from two events that Lucy attended recently. Several of the images you can purchase.

Air New Zealand Fashion Show - 23 September 2009

These images are from the NZ Fashion Show and in particular the Zambesi show (the first image was used in the Vibe Magazine supplement from the NZ Herald on Sunday article that I posted yesterday).

Click here to buy #1

Click here to buy #2


Auckland Peace Heritage Walk - 27 September 2009

Lucy at the Auckland Peace Heritage Walk (and rehearsal for World March of Peace and Non-Violence) from the Sign On Official Site

Click on the image to see the larger version



The NZ Herald photo (which was featured in this article) from Auckland Peace Heritage Walk (and rehearsal for World March of Peace and Non-Violence)

Buy the image here


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28 September 2009

Lucy at Starship Supernova Swing Subsite Updated

The Starship Supernova Swing subsite has been slow to be updated (that's what having way too much fun in New Zealand does to me...slacker!) but I finally got all the elements (photos, video, reports, song list) together and updated the Starship Supernova Subsite!

It was truly a SPECTACULAR night and one that I won't forget in a hurry! Many many many thanks to Starship - Andrew Young, Bobbie Brown and all the rest of the fantastic team who put this concert together. It wouldn't be a spectacular night without the amazing Miss Lucy who was absolutely adorable, fantastic and a pleasure to watch perform! Wish you all could have seen it (the videos give you a good idea) but for those that couldn't be there, the subsite brings together the fun of the evening! Enjoy!

Click here to view



27 September 2009

New Lucy Message On Official Site

Lucy has sent in a new message on her site about her involvement in the Sign On Campaign, PAW Justice and Starship.

While you are on Lucy's site, don't forget to send in your name and the charitable act you have done in Lucy's name for the Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Week.

"In honor of Lucy Lawless Feel the Love Day, I will (insert your intended contribution), then put your name and location (city, state, country) as you want it to appear on the pledge list."
Please email your pledges to
The deadline for submitting pledges is September 30.

To Read Lucy's new Message go to the official Lucy site



27 September 2009

Lucy Scan - Star Steps Up To Start Long Peace March

Star Steps Up To Start Long Peace March - NZ Herald 28 September 2009. Actor Lucy Lawless helped start a peace march which will circle the world before ending in the Andes in January. The former Warrior Princess marched under a Chinese-style dragon made from the sails of the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior -- sunk by French agents in Auckland in 1985 -- in the Auckland Peace Heritage Walk around central Auckland yesterday.

The walk was also a rehearsal for about 20 international visitors who start their World March of Peace and Non-Violence in Wellington this week.

Read More

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27 September 2009

Lucy Magazine Scans Vibe Magazine 27 September 2009

heraldonsunday-vibe270909_small1.jpgAdded scan from Vibe Magazine (Herald on Sunday magazine supplement) 27 September 2009. Lucy wore something quite unusual and also a scan of her with Brian Long at the NZ Fashion Show (Zambesi Show)

Lucy Lawless at the Zambesi show wearing tights that looked a bit like shorts, boots and some skin.

Click here to view scans



27 September 2009

Lucy at A*Muse Event News and Images Update

This week saw Lucy attending the NZ Fashion Show and in particular Pamela Anderson's A*muse fashion show. Most of these mentions are from that event:

Sunday Star Times 27 September 2009

Pamela Anderson: Superstardom, after a fashion
It's 6.30pm on Friday. This is A*Muse's after-party.
Is that Lucy Lawless? She's nearly unrecognisable in a pony tail. How did she like the A*Muse show? "Isn't that a dead ringer for Heather Mills?" she says of a passing hotel waitress. "What I want to know is, how does she make that leg look so real?" She floats away.

Sunday Star Times - 27 September 2009


Has Tommy Lee been going to the gym? No, it's former Shortland St actor Manu Bennett.

Bennett met Pamela Anderson when she visited the Auckland studios of gladiator movie Spartacus on Thursday. Then on Friday night the pair (pictured right) had a ''good old chinwag'' at Fashion Week with Keisha Castle-Hughes and Lucy Lawless in Anderson's caravan after the A*Muse show, in which they both modelled (Bennett wearing a pair of budgie smugglers and his Spartacus wig). Bennett: ''Pam was equally as awestruck to meet Keisha because she knew WhaleRider, and then having Lucy there being the warrior woman, and Pamela Anderson being the buxom Baywatch babe, and Keisha, the young innocent WhaleRider girl, and myself in my crazy wig, it was quite an entourage.''  Anderson told the Star-Times she found Kiwi men ''gorgeous'' so did she hit on him? Bennett: ''I'm not actually going to put words to that . . . I gave her a bit of a Maori welcome to New Zealand, she gave me a nice hug in return.''


NZ Herald 26 September 2009
Showtime - and Pammy's the pin-up girl

It was a fun show. Former Shortland Star Manu Bennett was virtually unrecognisable as a hulky, long-haired, caveman-style figure who brandished his surfboard on the runway like a shield.  Anderson has signed it and it will be sold for charity for the Starship Foundation. The connection was made when she visited the set of Spartacus: Blood and Sword on Thursday and met its star, Lucy Lawless, who was at the after-party.



Lucy and Andrew getting the surfboard signed for Starship

Lucy with Pamela

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26 September 2009

Lucy At Auckland Peace Heritage Walk 27 September 09


Sharon Delaney has posted a new photo that Lucy sent in of herself and Bunny McDiarmid (from Greenpeace) from the Auckland Peace Heritage Walk as a rehearsal for the World March of Peace and Non-Violence walk

Click here to view the larger image

Update: 28 September 2009

Read the NZ Herald 28 September 2009 article and scan from this event
Lucy Article - Star Steps Up To Start Long Peace March



25 September 2009

Lucy and Andrew at Pamela Anderson's A*muse Show


Lucy and Andrew were at the NZ Fashion Show / Pamela Anderson' A*muse Show today. According to the NzFashionWk's Blog Lucy talked about Pamela and how they knew each and that Pamela and Richie agreed to sign a surfboard for the hospital to auction for charity. The image of Lucy and Andrew at the event is from BelindaNash Twitter Account

The Lucy mention:

Way more interesting than anything Miss Pamela had to say, was what Lucy Lawless had to say about her! They have met a few times in LA and have friends in common and Lucy said "I have some of the world's toughest friends. They aren't the sort to turn down a nasty comment but she is someone special with a lot of heart. She's generous and incredibly complex and I don't know anyone who has a bad word to say about her."  Lucy was there with Andrew Young of Starship Hospital, not just to catch up, but also because Pamela and Richie have agreed to sign a surfboard for the hospital to auction for charity. They love the chance to turn something worthless into money for a good cause.

Read full blog entry

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25 September 2009

Locusts Day of Destruction DVD Now Available

 Locusts Day Of Destruction The DVD of the movie Locusts Day of Destruction is now available to buy from (an Australian version of Price is $10.96 AUD

Locusts Day of Destruction

If you can hear the buzz, its already too late

Lucy Lawless stars in this tense action thriller about a deadly breed of bio engineered locusts that create a new and unimaginable threat to the United States. Capable of forming multiple swarms over thousands of miles, these large locusts can devour everything in their path. Government scientist Dr Maddy Rierdon is asked to investigate a locust outbreak and she discovers her colleague Dr Peter Axelrod has been working on an unapproved locust experiment. Some of the deadly locusts have escaped and the race is on to stop the devastating swarms before they kill millions.

Order this DVD (Region 4)

For more info about this movie visit the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Locusts subsite



24 September 2009

Pamela Anderson Meets Lucy Lawless

Now there's a subject line I never thought I would have written! Lucy and Pam have two things in common - both are gorgeous and very intelligent. Pam Anderson is visiting New Zealand and was also a guest at the NZ Fashion Show. Pam was invited to the Spartacus set and had a look around the costume dept. The following was posted in the NZ Herald:

In part (with the Lucy and Spartacus Mention):

The New York couple and A*Muse's manager flew into New Zealand a day earlier than Anderson and saw several shows on Wednesday, plus they caught up with Fashion Week's American publicist and long-time attendee, Bryan Long, who engineered the visit.

Anderson arrived off her early morning flight from the States with plenty of energy and went with the boys to the set of the new Lucy Lawless vehicle Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

The raunchy Roman sword-and-sandal series is being made on a set in Mt Wellington. The group chatted to Lawless and enjoyed a tour of the costume department before a low-key afternoon as the weather packed in. The show is being made strictly for cable television in America and Green quizzed me about New Zealand's more liberal attitudes to what can be shown on free-to-air networks. (Richie Rich's line in yesterday's press conference that Anderson was a "gay boy in the body of a woman," made the cut on last night's news)..

Read full article



24 September 2009

New Lucy Video Dirty Kev!

The DirtyKev site (not what you're thinking but a Australian Greenpeace site urging the Aussie Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to get serious about the emissions trading scheme (ETS) which if passed through the Aussie senate would be 5 to 25% (and not the 50% cuts required).

This is where Lucy gets involved with a skit and her "Kevin" expletive :) This is funny - Kevin Rudd, Australian Prime Minister. The following is from the DirtyKev site:

Xena Star Gets In On Dirty Kev

Awesome news. She's played warrior woman Xena and a robot on Battlestar Galactica - Lucy Lawless. In her latest role, she's sent us this video response to our Dirty Kev video.

We think she's a Kev'n Legend. Check it out for yourself.

Many thanks to GabbyLu for the link!



24 September 2009

Andrew's Marathon Effort And Lucy Mention

The following is from Starship's Official site and in part it reads:
 Starship Foundation CEO Andrew Young is pounding the streets for Starship kids - but this year, he's doing it in New York.
 Andrew, a Mt Eden father of three, is taking part in the New York Marathon on 1st November - and he is asking friends, family and Starship supporters to donate to his marathon effort by sponsoring his run at
 "It's my very public mid-life crisis," says Andrew. "I figure if I'm going to attempt my first marathon in honour of Starship, it might as well be in the Big Apple to be witnessed by millions of encouraging onlookers."
 Andrew will be running with friend and Starship supporter Vikki Maclean (see Starship is dear to Vikki, a mother of two from Remuera. When she was pregnant with her first son Angus, she contracted Rhesus disease - and this had a knock on effect with subsequent pregnancies. When she was pregnant with her second son Ollie, he was at risk of dying in the womb, so his first blood transfusion was before he was even born when Vikki was 30 weeks pregnant. He was induced at 32 weeks after a second blood transfusion and had a series of blood transfusions for a year after that. All this happened when Vikki was living in Scotland. But five years ago, she moved to New Zealand and quickly learned that Starship Hospital performs these sorts of lifesaving procedures every day.
 "I was a complete basket case during that year and I have a lot of people to thank for their support, kindness and friendship. It was a difficult journey and many parents have tougher journeys than ours to travel," says Vikki. "Ollie is now a happy, healthy and determined 11 year-old. We couldn't imagine our life without him and for every step of the marathon, I'll be thinking of him and all other children like him, whose lives depend on the expert care and services made possible at Starship."
 Lucy Lawless, Starship Foundation ambassador and board trustee, has been joining Andrew and Vikki on some training runs to help keep their motivation and spirits high. She's also generously sponsored both Andrew and Vikki via their fundraiseonline web pages.
 Lucy Lawless's fans have been generous too - and one donor in particular was motivated by the fact she had been born with a crippling illness and couldn't walk, let alone run, so was inspired by Andrew's efforts.

Read Full Article

Help Andrew Raise Funds |  Help Vicki Raise Funds



23 September 2009

Lucy BSG Promo Photos - More of D'anna

lucybsgdbiers.jpg Well lookee here it's D'anna Biers...that cylon psycho we all love. Some more Lucy promo photos from Battlestar Galactica have been unearthed and these are stellar! There are three new ones that I can spot and they are pretty.

Photo #1  |  Photo #2  |  Photo #3

Main BSG Photo site is located here

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23 September 2009

Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Week - Starship Support

As many of you know Andrew Young is running in the NY Marathon. He has a running mate called Vicki Maclean. Vicki is also raising money and her goal is $50,000 (to match her age). At present she's hovering around the $13,220 mark. So if you are wondering how you can contribute to the Lucy Lawless Feel The Love's a way!

Lucy is also training with Vicki (Andrew has a way of convincing people to do things they don't normally do, Vicki was talked into running the marathon and now Lucy is also training with them even though she doesn't run for fun (I guess running after 2 young boys is enough running that Lucy wants to do!).

So if you want to help, you can contribute to Vicki's fundraising efforts and this will go towards Starship!

Click here to donate and to read Vicki's Story!



23 September 2009

NZ Fashion Week and Giant Coat Hangers..

nzfashionweek.jpgAs reported previously Lucy attended the NZ Fashion Week event on 22 September. I was going through my images of my trip to NZ and I found some pics which at the time made me stop to take them.

Now in Australia we have The Big Pineapple Big Sheep (guess where the gift shop is located), the big Banana and a whole bunch of other wacky BIG stuff. But we don't have big coat hangers (the Sydney Harbour Bridge doesn't count)

I looked up and I saw three giant coathangers in Auckland...promoting the NZ Fashion Show! It was so quirky I had to take a photo!



22 September 2009

Lucy On The Run With Andrew Young

The Sunday Star Times had an absolutely fantastic article recently about Andrew Young (CEO of Starship and super nice guy) in training for the New York Marathon to raise money for Starship. Lucy has been helping him train by running with him. You can now purchase the images used in the article and one that wasn't in the article. I just love the one of the two of them on the road. Both of them are airborne which is pretty cool. There are also several more Lucy photos in the archive which you can purchase from $20 and it goes up the larger the image size.


Do a search for Lucy Lawless and you will see the images

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22 September 2009

Lucy Attends Air NZ Fashion Week 22 September 2009

lucy-nzfashion_small.jpgLucy has been spotted in the audience of the Air New Zealand Fashion Week event on 22 September 2009. The event runs from 21 September going through to 29 September.

For more info about the Air New Zealand Fashion Week go to their official site


The following is from the NZ Herald Blog Spy

The stars flocked to the Zambesi show at SkyCity Theatre last night, but some appeared a little miffed at the absence of any goody bag to take home. It's a recession, sweeties. Not that rifling through the swag bag, let alone complaining of the absence of one is de rigueur. Never.

Lucy Lawless was there looking very low key and casual. So low key in fact, a preying paparazzi didn't recognise her.

New submitted by Jo

The following twitter mention has a pic of Lucy at the event. - Lucy Lawless is in the front row of #ANZFW about 3 hours ago from TwitPic

Click on the thumbnail for the larger image or click here

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21 September 2009

Starship Supernova Images

lucysupernova01.jpg The A List site has some SUPER images of the Starship Supernova Swing concert.

Lots of pics of Lucy and you can purchase them as well.

Check them out here
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21 September 2009

Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Week 21 September 2009

Click to enlarge September 21 sees Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Week (leading into a week of charitable acts in Lucy's name) and let me tell you folks, if you want to do something awesome, then donate to Starship. They need the money and it would make you feel good and support the Lucy Lawless Feel the Love Day (Week).

Sharon is collecting the names to include on Lucy's official site and in part she says:

You can choose what you'd like to do, whether it is donating money or supplies to a charity, volunteering your time or services to a charitable organization, reading to a child, or helping out a neighbor, co-worker, or friend.  Any act of charity or kindness counts! Anyone, anywhere can participate, regardless of how old (or young) you are, or where you live.  All you have to do is decide what charitable or kind act you would like to do during "Feel the Love" week, and e-mail it with your name and location as you would like it to appear on the pledge list.  On Sept. 30, Lucy will be presented with the pledge list of all the charitable acts being done in her honor that week. 

Read more on how to support Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Week

Click here to read what was done in previous years



21 September 2009

Lucy Scans and Transcript - Next Magazine

This is such a fantastic article with awesome images! Added scans and transcript from Next Magazine October 2009.

She's wielding a word again and has her family under one wonder Lucy Lawless's  temporary relocation has turned into a permanent homecoming.

WHEN FACES FROM HER PAST recently gathered to greet her, Lucy Lawless knew she was right where she belonged. Home.

The realisation came in a most modest - and unexpected - fashion. The sword-wielding, butt-kicking actress had taken time out of her shooting schedule to address the Mt Albert Historical Society AGM. Lucy thought about six people would turn up; instead the hall in her Auckland home suburb was full. And when she looked at the sea of old school and family friends, she knew she was in the right place - for good.

Click here to read the article and view images



19 September 2009

Supernova Swing Videos

Wow. This has been a favorite of mine since I've heard it from Alison Moyet. Lucy does a terrific job, too, naturally. The video itself is not quite there, but the audio is solid.


Satin Doll

It's Cold Outside

My baby just cares for me.

Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info.



19 September 2009

Supernova Swing - blog entry plus Lucy pics

What we don't do to see our idols! Lucy Lawless (famous for Xena - warrior princess) appeared at a charity swing show, and we pretended to like swing just to see her! To our surprise we had a blast and I was able to sing along to many of the songs (probably attributed to the fact to have grown up with a lot of Frank Sinatra music!)

Source & AUSXIP Talking Xena discussion board link | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info



19 September 2009

Marathon man calls on friends

[Check the source for a fun photos of Lucy running with Andrew!]

RUNNING? USUALLY actress Lucy Lawless avoids it whenever possible but she's made an exception to help drum up publicity for an attention-seeking friend in need.

Andrew Young, CEO of the Starship Foundation, which raises funds for Auckland's Starship Children's Hospital, will be in New York on November 1 for his first marathon, and he has shamelessly called on famous friends to make sure he raises as much money as possible in the process.

Lawless, who's filming the steamy historical series Spartacus in Auckland, is donating $2000 if Young completes the 42km course. Last week the total promised via Young's sponsorship webpage had topped $18,000, with donors including former Air New Zealand boss Ralph Norris ($2500) and someone called Bronagh who gave $1000. (In the spirit of discretion, Young wouldn't confirm whether this was the PM's wife.) Young says he's also had pledges from charity doyenne Rosie Horton, and from super-rich expat Michael Fay.

Young says that trotting photogenically alongside Lawless whom he befriended when she signed up for a foundation fundraiser 10 years ago and became a board trustee "sure beats running with my evil coach Tim Morrison, who is always yelling at me to `go hard'." Lawless even has an off-course tip for the budding international marathoner: "You've got to scrub your shoes when going through Customs."

Her support doesn't stretch to joining Young on his 5am training sessions. "I developed a hatred for running because the Round the Bays [fun run] was always on my birthday, and we always had to run with my dad's company."

She is "blown away" though by Young's dedication to the foundation. "It's a sharp organisation, run on the smell of an oily rag."

Young's first marathon, apart from another opportunity to raise money for the hospital, is a chance to get to grips with a mid-life crisis. "Turning 40 next year is causing some negative resistance. I've somehow always thought of myself as vaguely in my 20s or early 30s, so I don't know how it's crept up so damn fast. It's galvanised my resolve to push my boundaries."

Source |  | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info



17 September 2009

Out and About With Lucy #4 AGAIN!

I was out and about and having a coffee (that's a new addiction I picked up in the US last January...*sigh*) and I was having my coffee, minding my own business, flicked through a magazine and who do I see looking back at me....yep you guessed it...LUCY LAWLESS!

The woman is stalking me. I have to leave and go back home!! Heh. Here is the latest sighting....

2009-09-18 12.15.03.jpg 2009-09-18 12.14.37.jpg2009-09-18 12.14.23.jpg



17 September 2009

Lucy Sign On, Qantas Awards Photos

Lucy Sign On, Qantas Awards Photos and more... You have to agree to their terms and conditions and then do a search for Lucy Lawless, but it's worth the effort.

<a href="">Source & AUSXIP Talking Xena discussion board link</a> | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info



16 September 2009

Next Magazine Autographed Posters

Okay had a good night sleep and I think I can form a couple of sentences this morning that sounds like something intelligent :) P1060932.jpgP1060931.jpg

Again apologies for the picture quality but these can't be scanned. They are A3 size (the type you find outside newsagents advertising the magazine). Lucy was gracious in handing these to me last night at the concert. They look better than they photograph. Both are autographed and both will be up on the next AUSXIP Auction (in March 2010) to raise money for Starship.  These people are amazing and the work they do is incredible so every little bit counts when it comes tor raising money for these guys.

The NEXT Magazine article is a great insight to Lucy's homecoming and I realise I'm preaching to the converted when I say this but this is a great article and the pictures are gorgeous.

Also a reminder (Mesh has posted about this earlier) but here it goes again...21 September is Lucy Feel The Love Day!

I'm off to do some sightseeing and enjoy more Auckland hospitality!




16 September 2009

FIN Interview / Ask the Flying Monkey!

Have a question about gay male entertainment? Send it to! (Please include your city and state and/or country.)

Q: Does Lucy Lawless regret that they killed Xena? - Craig, Norfolk, VA

A: In fact, she does. In "A Friend in Need," the two-part Xena: Warrior Princess series finale back in 2001, Xena allows herself to be killed, so she can become a ghost and fight a spiritual being. Later, after Gabrielle finds a way to bring Xena back to life, the Warrior-Princess heroically chooses to stay dead in order to make amends for past sins. The series ends with Gabrielle, a full-fledged warrior at last, carrying on Xena's legacy.

But as I'm sure you know, Craig, fans were livid - both at the death itself and over the way she died, which included, um, decapitation.

"At the time, we thought that was a really strong choice," Lawless told me recently. "I laughed when I heard she got her head cut off. It was such a strong choice -- I'm perverse like that."

But since then, Lawless has had a big change of heart.

"I think it really hurt the fans," she says. "I wish we hadn't done it, actually. It's all like telling a bad placed joke, or laughing at some other group's expense. You're like, 'Come on, it's funny!' But then it's like, 'But it really hurts people.' And finally the penny drops and you go, 'Oh. That's why it's not funny, because somebody is in pain.'"

Incidentally, two things struck me about my interview with Lucy. First, she's as beautiful in person as she is on TV, but second, she's absolutely nothing like Xena. The truth is, she's the opposite of serious - very cheeky and irreverent, almost impish.

I'm told she's previously compared herself to her alter-ego "Meg" on the show, and I'm not sure that's too far off!

Source | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info



16 September 2009

Top Kiwi Musicians Perform For Starship Tonight

16 Sep 2009 10:44 a.m.
Top Kiwi Musicians Perform For Starship Tonight

Top Kiwi musicians will gather at the Vector Arena tonight for the great Starship Supernova Swing.

Opshop frontman Jason Kerrison, songbird Kirsten Morrell, Feelers singer James Reid and actress Lucy Lawless are among the stars that will perform swing classics, with all proceeds going to support children at Starship Childrens Hospital.

Tickets are $39 and doors open at 6.00 o'clock

Source | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info



16 September 2009

Lucy Feel the Love Day

This is your gentle reminder that 21 September kicks off a week of charitable giving or doing something for the community in honour of Lucy.

21 September is Lucy Lawless Feel the Love Week.

Discuss what you're doing at the AUSXIP Talking Xena Board.



16 September 2009

Lucy at Starship Supernova Report and Pics

Well what a night! Just got back from the Starship Supernova event. It was SPECTACULAR...I'm using that word quite a bit lately.

Lucy was FANTASTIC and on song, she looked GORGEOUS and INCREDIBLE. Yes yes I know I need to give a more indepth report but it's close to midnight and I'm buzzing. Lucy sang 3 songs by herself, 1 as a backing singer, 1 duet and 2 ensemble.

 Lucy was phenomenal and truly a class act amongst a great bunch of great performers. Starship was the winner tonight and that is the main reason why this was on.

To Andrew, Bobbie, Cindy and the rest of the staff who worked so hard in putting this together, thank you!

I also got the opportunity to meet Mrs Ryan, Lucy's mum. What a character she is; I can see where Lucy got her sense of humour from! What a great lady.

AND to top off the night Lucy gave me 2 INCREDIBLE posters of the NEXT Magazine cover to auction off in the next AUSXIP Auction. More about that when I get some sleep :)

Thank you Lucy, you ROCK or in this case...SWING! Fantastic evening.

Click here to view the images which I have to thank Adi for taking for me - she had the added pressure of me telling her that thousands of fans were waiting to see pressure at all :) Thanks Adi!

Before I forget some of the cast of Spartacus was there and I nearly let the opportunity to meet Peter Mensah go - got the courage to stick out my hand and say hello...I'm surpised I can actually form a coherent thought right now :) That's for another post!



15 September 2009


15 September 2009

Out and About With Lucy #2

So it's a crystal blue sunny day outside, fresh but very nice Auckland morning and I go into the local shop to buy the paper and who is staring back at me? Guess? Go on you know you want to guess...

the shop keeper of course :) LOL!

BUT over his shoulder I spy very familiar blue eyes staring back at me..yep Lucy is back! This time she is gracing the cover of NEXT Magazine. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. My apologies for the crappy photos but a scanner is somewhat lacking in the hotel :)


If you are in Auckland tonight and don't have a ticket...why? Go and buy one :)

Later! Better scans and transcript will be posted as soon as I get back home on Sunday.




14 September 2009

New Sign On Article and Video

Key labels scientists' climate change demands 'too ambitious'

By Samantha Hayes

Greenpeace are upping the pressure on Prime Minister John Key with a hand-delivered message on climate change - and it is his hand they are using.

Wearing a blue cast, like the one Mr Key had earlier this year, Greenpeace ambassadors Lucy Lawless and Keisha Castle-Hughes have been out gathering campaign signatures. [...]

"The people in New Zealand have gotta speak up," says Lawless.

There was nothing quiet about Lawless though, from the flame-coloured hair fresh from the Spartacus set, to the Warrior Princess challenge.

"The world leaders are going to be there, he's representing us, what do we want him to say?" she asks.

Full story | Video | Thanks to JulieH for the info



13 September 2009

Out and About With Lucy...

Greetings from Auckland New Zealand! I was out and about, taking in the sights and who should pop up but Lucy Lawless! You just never know when this kiwi will show up and there she was - larger than life and taller than she normally is....


On the side of an Auckland building :)

Jo and I were out sightseeing and what do we spot but Lucy's happy face...

Nice eh? Very nice indeed. I did have to get into the bushes to take a decent photo of it since the sun was going to be in my eyes but it was worth the bush hop and the stares...heh. You CANNOT go past a huge building with Lucy's face on it and not take a can you? Of course not!

Auckland is smashing! What a cool town and I've loving it. Kiwis are just a fun lot...this is my kind of town. Love it!

That's it from me...




11 September 2009

Sign On - Casting call

"We've adopted John Key's famous blue plaster cast as the motif for the Sign On campaign and it's catching on. The lads from Huffer took it upon themselves to produce a special range of t-shirts which they're selling through the Warehouse, our ambassadors are wearing blue casts at public events, they're popping up on Facebook profiles and now, curiously, a number of iconic statues around Wellington are also sporting blue arms."

Learn more about how to make your own cast.

Source | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info



11 September 2009

Battlestar Galactica S2.8 Final Cut Review

The media moves into the spotlight as Battlestar Galactica brings Xena The Warrior Princess into the mix...

We've done religion, we've done politics, and now, Battlestar Galactica turns its eye on the media.

As part of the fallout from the splitting of the fleet, that was resolved in the last episode, there's the small matter of the so-called Gideon Massacre, where civilians were gunned down by colonial troops. This is causing ripples through the fleet, and once more the fickle finger of anger is firmly directed at Colonel Tigh, given that all this happened on his watch.

Source | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info



10 September 2009

Supernova Swing articles

Entertainment | What's On | 4:00AM Thursday Sep 10, 2009 - CHARITY Yes they can rock - or in some cases, act. But can they swing? In the musical sense, that is. That is the question the likes of Jason Kerrison (Opshop), Kirsten Morrell (Goldenhorse), Dave Gibson (Elemeno P) and Nathan King (Zed) face at charity bash Starship Supernova Swing. Also putting on their glad rags will be Lucy Lawless, Peter Urlich and the Lady Killers, all performing to raise money for Starship projects. | Starship Supernova Swing, Vector Arena, September 16 |  Source

Fundraising to famous duets - Campbell's story | A 10-year-old Auckland boy set out to fundraise for Starship Children's Hospital after they saved his life, and has now ended up performing a duet with the lead singer of New Zealand band Opshop. | Source

Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info



10 September 2009

Lucy interview on Aussie radio KOFM David and Tanya

Lucy was interviewed on Aussie radio KOFM's David and Tanya. They asked her about filming Xena, the relationship between the gals, Curb Your Enthusiasm. She speaks of Lucretia, Aussies on Spartacus, Flight of the Conchords.

Source and discussion on the AUSXIP Talking Xena board | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the Info



8 September 2009

Lucy mention in Erin Cummings' Bitch Slap podcast

Erin mentions Lucy while discussing the upcoming movie Bitch Slap in the "Movie Meltdown - Episode 38: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Push-up Bra" podcast. It's an excellent interview about the shoot, Erin praises both Michael Hurst and Lucy for giving their time and their best to be a part of this movie. 

Source & AUSXIP discussion board link



7 September 2009

Lucy's Tribute for BSG producer Harvey Frand

Harvey Frand
October 03, 1940 - July 23, 2009
Philadelphia, PA
Harvey Frand, Emmy Award winning television producer most recently of the acclaimed series, Battlestar Galactica, has died in Los Angeles after a brief hospitalization for respiratory problems. He was 68.  Lucy left this tribute in his memory book:
Monday, July 27, 2009 4:09 PM

Wow, I'm bummed! But even more I feel grateful for having met Harvey. Thank-you so much for the photos, guys and Bill, thank-you for having lent him to BSG and supported him for so long. He was always looking forward to getting back home and I now know you were the reason why.
Harvey was his mother's favourite. and no wonder! He was all of our's favourite.
God Speed, Darling Boy!
your pal,
Lucy Lawless
Lucy Lawless (Los Angeles, CA)
Source | Thanks to JulieH for the info.



6 September 2009

New Lucy PAW Justice Promo Pic Now Online

PAW Justice sent me a gorgeous high resolution Lucy promo pic which I've now added to the site.

Check them out!

Click here to view

You can also find out more info about Lucy's involvement with PAW Justice on the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless PAW Justice subsite



6 September 2009

Lucy Attends The Qantas Film & TV Awards in NZ

Lucy attended the Qantas Film & TV Awards on 05 September in Auckland (how come the Kiwi awards are named after an Australian airline...I know Aussies love to claim all Kiwi actors/singers as Aussies but this is ridiculous! <g>).

Producer of Dean Spanley thanks Lucy Lawless for funding his 2nd short film #qfta
about 1 hour ago from web

[Looks like there could be some Lucy news/pictures coming from the Film & TV awards red carpet:]

Candy Lane busting out of her gold flapper, Lucy Lawless in a suit-must need to put on some clothes after starting filming Spartacus series
20 minutes ago from web

Samantha Hayes from TV3 hot in asymmetrical blue velvet, Danielle Cormack with plunging neckline, golden locks blowing
27 minutes ago from web

Keisha C-H, Neil the Waka, Carolyn Robinson, Oli Driver, Jason Gunn - the stars are coming thick and fast down the red carpet -sort of (not)
34 minutes ago from web

AK Samba making a racket outside the Civic, welcoming NZ's who's who of TV and film. Media room is in the bowels of the Civic
38 minutes ago from web

Film and TV Awards tonite. Stay tuned for tweets from 6pm on wry observations and envelope-opening action
about 11 hours ago from web



Press Release

Qantas Film and Television Awards 2009
Media release 5 September 2009


The cream of New Zealand's film and television industries were celebrated tonight at a glittering gala event in the Civic Theatre, Auckland. More than 750 guests, including Prime Minister Hon John Key, witnessed 39 Qantas Film and Television Awards being presented across news and current affairs, general television, documentary, and film categories.  A further 22 category winners were presented with awards during yesterday's Qantas Film and Television Craft Awards lunch-time function.
Guests at tonight's gala event included film directors Niki Caro and Gaylene Preston, actors Karl Urban and Lucy Lawless, and other luminaries from the New Zealand film and television community, with entertainment provided by The Topp Twins.
Read More

Lucy Mentions

Flash mob of frock stars
By EMMA PAGE - Sunday Star Times
Last updated 05:00 06/09/2009

It was more a case of drama than comedy for Jaquie Brown last night as she admitted to pre-ceremony nerves before the Qantas Film and Television Awards at Auckland's Civic Theatre.  But the star of The Jaquie Brown Diaries needn't have worried because her evening followed the script the show was named Best Comedy Programme. Brown jostled for red carpet space with Prime Minister John Key, golden girls Lucy Lawless and Keisha Castle-Hughes and a host of other guests hoping they would be among the recipients of 39 awards for achievements in news, current affairs, general television, documentary and film categories.

News submitted by Barbara Davies



4 September 2009

Promo Pic of Lucy, Julius and Judah For Paw Justice


Sharon Delaney has posted a super promo pic of Lucy for Paw Justice up on the Official Xena Fan Club Page.

Included in the pic is her son Julius, 10 years old and Judah aged 7.

Click here for the larger version

For more information about this campaign go to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Paw Justice Event Page



4 September 2009

Lucy in New Campaign to Prevent Cruelty to Animals

pawjustice-lucy.jpgLucy has lent her name to another worthy endeavour in NZ; stopping the cruelty to animals. She appears in this video just after the start. 

An organisation called Paw Justice has launched a petition to increase the maximum jail sentence for animal abuse or neglect. The petition calls for Parliament to increase the sentence for neglect from 6 months to one year, and for wilful ill-treatment from 3 years to 5 years. Promotional videos for the campaign are fronted by an assortment of Kiwi stars, including Lucy Lawless, Erika Takacs and cast members from Shortland Street and Outrageous Fortune.

The petition is available here.   |   The official site is located here

Animal Abuse Is Getting Out of Control... It's time to stand up for our pet's rights...
Kiwi celebrities are putting their names to a new campaign tackling animal abuse in New Zealand.

Read more at NZ Herald 4 September 2009




3 September 2009

Xena Episode Stills Season 5 Episode 2 Chakram

Season 5: Episode 2 Chakram Episode Stills

Xena has no recollection of being a warrior after she and Gabrielle are resurrected from the dead by Eli.

More Multimedia from this episode:

Montage | Review | Screengrabs




2 September 2009

Lucy Photos on Andrew's Marathon Blog

Andrew Young, the CEO of Starship has been in training to run the New York Marathon in November. On his daily runs, he is joined by Lucy (occasionally) and below are some of the pictures from the training sessions. I don't think Lucy is doing much training here...<g>

Lucy, Andrew & Vikki Lucy, Andrew & Vikki Can I piggy back ride across the finish line? Out for a training run Lucy, Andrew & Vikki

Andrew is a really top bloke and a very decent guy, so go and support him while you are gazing at the wonderful pics.

He needs to raise $25,000 NZD and he is now up to NZD$17,225.92. So if you can spare a few dollrs and support him on his donation page

Read his blog here (although it is replicated on his donation page as well but the blog has the bigger pics)

News submitted by Barbara Davies



2 September 2009

Xena Episode Stills - Season 5 Episode 10 Lyre Lyre...

Added 9 Episode Stills from Xena Warrior Princess Season 5, Episode 10, Lyre Lyre Hearts on Fire. This was such a fun episode (one of the few in Season 5)

To avoid a war over who gets possession of Terpsichore's lyre, Xena organizes a battle of the bands in this musical episode that reunites Xena with her mother Cyrene, Joxer with his twin brother Jace, and Gabrielle with a lovesick Draco.

Click here to view - scanned by Roger

More Lyre Lyre Multimedia
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