The DirtyKev site (not what you're thinking but a Australian Greenpeace site urging the Aussie Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to get serious about the emissions trading scheme (ETS) which if passed through the Aussie senate would be 5 to 25% (and not the 50% cuts required).

This is where Lucy gets involved with a skit and her "Kevin" expletive :) This is funny - Kevin Rudd, Australian Prime Minister. The following is from the DirtyKev site:

Xena Star Gets In On Dirty Kev

Awesome news. She's played warrior woman Xena and a robot on Battlestar Galactica - Lucy Lawless. In her latest role, she's sent us this video response to our Dirty Kev video.

We think she's a Kev'n Legend. Check it out for yourself.

Many thanks to GabbyLu for the link!