As many of you know Andrew Young is running in the NY Marathon. He has a running mate called Vicki Maclean. Vicki is also raising money and her goal is $50,000 (to match her age). At present she's hovering around the $13,220 mark. So if you are wondering how you can contribute to the Lucy Lawless Feel The Love's a way!

Lucy is also training with Vicki (Andrew has a way of convincing people to do things they don't normally do, Vicki was talked into running the marathon and now Lucy is also training with them even though she doesn't run for fun (I guess running after 2 young boys is enough running that Lucy wants to do!).

So if you want to help, you can contribute to Vicki's fundraising efforts and this will go towards Starship!

Click here to donate and to read Vicki's Story!