Click to enlarge September 21 sees Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Week (leading into a week of charitable acts in Lucy's name) and let me tell you folks, if you want to do something awesome, then donate to Starship. They need the money and it would make you feel good and support the Lucy Lawless Feel the Love Day (Week).

Sharon is collecting the names to include on Lucy's official site and in part she says:

You can choose what you'd like to do, whether it is donating money or supplies to a charity, volunteering your time or services to a charitable organization, reading to a child, or helping out a neighbor, co-worker, or friend.  Any act of charity or kindness counts! Anyone, anywhere can participate, regardless of how old (or young) you are, or where you live.  All you have to do is decide what charitable or kind act you would like to do during "Feel the Love" week, and e-mail it with your name and location as you would like it to appear on the pledge list.  On Sept. 30, Lucy will be presented with the pledge list of all the charitable acts being done in her honor that week. 

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