Okay had a good night sleep and I think I can form a couple of sentences this morning that sounds like something intelligent :) P1060932.jpgP1060931.jpg

Again apologies for the picture quality but these can't be scanned. They are A3 size (the type you find outside newsagents advertising the magazine). Lucy was gracious in handing these to me last night at the concert. They look better than they photograph. Both are autographed and both will be up on the next AUSXIP Auction (in March 2010) to raise money for Starship.  These people are amazing and the work they do is incredible so every little bit counts when it comes tor raising money for these guys.

The NEXT Magazine article is a great insight to Lucy's homecoming and I realise I'm preaching to the converted when I say this but this is a great article and the pictures are gorgeous.

Also a reminder (Mesh has posted about this earlier) but here it goes again...21 September is Lucy Feel The Love Day!

I'm off to do some sightseeing and enjoy more Auckland hospitality!