Now there's a subject line I never thought I would have written! Lucy and Pam have two things in common - both are gorgeous and very intelligent. Pam Anderson is visiting New Zealand and was also a guest at the NZ Fashion Show. Pam was invited to the Spartacus set and had a look around the costume dept. The following was posted in the NZ Herald:

In part (with the Lucy and Spartacus Mention):

The New York couple and A*Muse's manager flew into New Zealand a day earlier than Anderson and saw several shows on Wednesday, plus they caught up with Fashion Week's American publicist and long-time attendee, Bryan Long, who engineered the visit.

Anderson arrived off her early morning flight from the States with plenty of energy and went with the boys to the set of the new Lucy Lawless vehicle Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

The raunchy Roman sword-and-sandal series is being made on a set in Mt Wellington. The group chatted to Lawless and enjoyed a tour of the costume department before a low-key afternoon as the weather packed in. The show is being made strictly for cable television in America and Green quizzed me about New Zealand's more liberal attitudes to what can be shown on free-to-air networks. (Richie Rich's line in yesterday's press conference that Anderson was a "gay boy in the body of a woman," made the cut on last night's news)..

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