This week saw Lucy attending the NZ Fashion Show and in particular Pamela Anderson's A*muse fashion show. Most of these mentions are from that event:

Sunday Star Times 27 September 2009

Pamela Anderson: Superstardom, after a fashion
It's 6.30pm on Friday. This is A*Muse's after-party.
Is that Lucy Lawless? She's nearly unrecognisable in a pony tail. How did she like the A*Muse show? "Isn't that a dead ringer for Heather Mills?" she says of a passing hotel waitress. "What I want to know is, how does she make that leg look so real?" She floats away.

Sunday Star Times - 27 September 2009


Has Tommy Lee been going to the gym? No, it's former Shortland St actor Manu Bennett.

Bennett met Pamela Anderson when she visited the Auckland studios of gladiator movie Spartacus on Thursday. Then on Friday night the pair (pictured right) had a ''good old chinwag'' at Fashion Week with Keisha Castle-Hughes and Lucy Lawless in Anderson's caravan after the A*Muse show, in which they both modelled (Bennett wearing a pair of budgie smugglers and his Spartacus wig). Bennett: ''Pam was equally as awestruck to meet Keisha because she knew WhaleRider, and then having Lucy there being the warrior woman, and Pamela Anderson being the buxom Baywatch babe, and Keisha, the young innocent WhaleRider girl, and myself in my crazy wig, it was quite an entourage.''  Anderson told the Star-Times she found Kiwi men ''gorgeous'' so did she hit on him? Bennett: ''I'm not actually going to put words to that . . . I gave her a bit of a Maori welcome to New Zealand, she gave me a nice hug in return.''


NZ Herald 26 September 2009
Showtime - and Pammy's the pin-up girl

It was a fun show. Former Shortland Star Manu Bennett was virtually unrecognisable as a hulky, long-haired, caveman-style figure who brandished his surfboard on the runway like a shield.  Anderson has signed it and it will be sold for charity for the Starship Foundation. The connection was made when she visited the set of Spartacus: Blood and Sword on Thursday and met its star, Lucy Lawless, who was at the after-party.



Lucy and Andrew getting the surfboard signed for Starship

Lucy with Pamela

News contributed by Barbara Davies