The following is from a blog by an intern who did the research for Lucy's appearance for NPR's "Wait Wait" show where Lucy participated in the "Not My Job" segment.

Excerpts: "After the meeting, Peter sat down and talked to me about the Not My Job celebrity player.  Each week, we have a celebrity call in and play "Not My Job" for a listener to win Carl's voice on their answering machine. This week: Lucy Lawless, aka Xena: Warrior Princess.  I help out by researching the guest and then during the read-through on Thursday, I present the information I have found.  After talking about how to go about this, I went back to listening to voicemails until about 5:15ish. [...]

Thursday:  First show!  For those that don't know, the show is taped in front of a live audience on Thursday nights at the Chase Auditorium in the Loop in Chicago.  I got to the WWDTM office at noon on Thursday and it was a mad scramble for me to finish the Lucy Lawless research. She trained in opera in college, but then decided to travel Europe and Australi with her boyfriend and wound up gold mining in Australia around the age of 18 or 19.  The more you know!  I also finally got myown login for my computer set up...and! My own NPR email address.  I feel fancy!"

News submitted by Barbara Davies.