From TVShowsOnDVD: [...] Today Universal has announced a new repackaged re-issue of Battlestar Galactica - The Complete Series. Studio material about the new releases say that this version of "The Complete Series also includes the unrated, extended feature-length movie, Battlestar Galactica: The Plan." Pictures of the new "unlimited" packaging aren't available just yet, but the studio descriptions say the DVD will be in "Slim Snap Cases with an Outer Box" and the high-def Blu-ray version will be "Digipaks with an Outer Box".

Also of interest is the new lower cost. Despite the addition of The Plan to the disc count, the more standardized packaging is significantly reducing the prices on the new versions. The DVDs previously had been $279.98 SRP on the limited-package set, but the new box will bring the price down to $199.98 SRP. The story is similar on the Blu-ray side: instead of the old $349.98 SRP price tag, the new high-def release in the low-key package is just $299.98 SRP. No on-disc content has been removed, from what we've seen so far; they've added The Plan and simplified the packaging.

Note, though, that there is no word yet about the "Face of the Enemy" webisodes which, like The Plan, was also missing from the previous Complete Series set. If we find out anything, either way, we'll let you know. These re-issues will be available to own on April 6th, the same day as the individual Season 2 Blu-ray release. Stay tuned and we'll bring you pictures of the new package art, just as soon as we can!


News submitted by Lori Boyles.