Vampire Bats with Lucy has been around on DVD for Region 4 (Australia/New Zealand) for quite a few years. Now the US and Canada will have access to the movie on DVD.


A couple years back, Warner Bros. revolutionized the home video game by launching a 'burn-on-demand' program, making available many of the films in their archive for the very first time on DVD.

Rather than printing up mass quantities of the movies, like they normally would, the burn-on-demand system gets the movies into the hands of those that really want them, without the expense of wide releases. How it works is that when someone orders one of the movies, the company burns a copy specifically for that person, which is then printed, packaged and shipped out.

It's a pretty cool new way of getting movies out there, and we're happy to report that Sony is now getting in on the fun. With their manufacture-on-demand program, they're making available never-before-released titles from over 75 years of the Columbia Pictures film library, under the banner Sony Pictures Choice Collection.

We're even happier to report that a slew of horror films have either already been released or soon will be, through the program. Check out the full list of titles below!

Vampire Bats

A deadly species of vampire bats is responsible for a series of bizarre murders, including a student found dead with his body completely depleted of blood. It is up to Dr. Maddy Rierdon (Lucy Lawless, TV’s “Xena: Warrior Princess”) and Dan Dryer (Dylan Neal, TV’s “Dawson’s Creek”) to figure out a way to stop these bats before they take control of their town. Also starring Timothy Bottoms (The Last Picture Show) and Craig Ferguson (TV’s “The Late Late Show”), with a special appearance by Brett Butler (TV’s “Grace Under Fire”), VAMPIRE BATS is scary, campy fun!


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