ImageThe Betty Interview: Lucy Lawless
The former Xena star opens up to BettyConfidential about loving being a brunette, hating Celine Dion and grinning and bearing it through all the sex scenes on her new series, Spartacus.

Lucy Lawless is glad she’s gone back to the dark side again. The 41-year-old, best known for her career-defining role as a butt-kicking babe on Xena: Warrior Princess, was a blonde for a number of years. “I looked really good, but there are four billion other blonde people in Hollywood,” the New Zealand native tells BettyConfidential. “I just got used to it and going unrecognized was the norm to me and all of a sudden I colored my hair dark and — bang! — I’m totally famous again. It’s so weird.”

On her new show, the Starz gladiator drama Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Lucy is more likely to be noticed for her character Lucretia’s wrath — as well as her rack. But that doesn’t exactly sit well with her. “For a Down Under person, it’s really hard to reconcile everyone’s body obsession,” Lucy admits. “It’s nice to feel sexy, but you never want to feel like just a piece of meat!”

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