ImageLucy was interviewed on about Spartacus Blood and Sand.

U Q&A Lucy Lawless

She was the almighty Xena. Now, Lucy Lawless is having fun in and out of her clothes on Starz' hit Spartacus.


Lucy answers the following questions:

  • Have you had a chance to talk to your Spartacus co-star Andy Whitfield since he was diagnosed with cancer? -
  • What has been your favorite scene to work on in the show so far?
  • Your husband is one of the creators of the show. What does he think about all the nude scenes that you're in?
  • You have a merkin [a pubic wig] for the show. Have you gotten to use it?
  • They gave the men prosthetics as well. Who's using one?
  • In preparation for all these scenes where you get to expose yourself, have you felt the need to go back to the gym and get into fighting shape for the show?
  • The show has brought movie-like production values to TV. What's the feedback you've gotten from the network?
  • Do you still have a very big following from your Xena days?
  • Would you ever consider going back and doing a follow-up to Xena?
  • What are you doing in your time off before you go back to working on Spartacus?

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Submitted by: Barbara Davies