Hi folks,

Many years ago the Xenaverse was blessed with Rob Tapert and USA Studio who allowed us to play without hindrance. They allowed screencaptures and artwork, fanfic to flourish. The internet was in it's infancy in regards to fandom. The Xenaverse grew. USA did have some restrictions like selling images etc which was fair and they came down on a few people but left us all to our copyright infringing happiness because we behaved.

We are not in Kansas anymore kiddies.

Due to the idiocy of some people in posting episodes that haven't been aired, creating artwork from these unaired episodes, etc and giving Starz a jolly good reason to stomp down (as is their right to do so) ALL the fans are now subject to a new ruling that no screencaptures are to be allowed. Now how do you enforce this ruling is beyond me BUT being that Starz has been very kind to AUSXIP and has given me clearance to post episode stills and other media, I have complied with this request. I do not know how Starz will enforce this on the net. IMO it's impossible but that's their decision.

So no more screencaptures for any Spartacus episodes. The official episode stills I have been posting will still be available as AUSXIP has been given that clearance.

Thanks for your time.