March Against Mining Lucy's Official page has been updated with the news that Lucy is supporting the Greenpeace march in Auckland on 1 May. There is no indication on the official site that Lucy will be marching on the day but there are support banners. You can get those banners on the official site located here

As previously reported here on 13 April, the following news was sent out by email by Greenpeace

Over the last few weeks we've had a huge amount of feedback from people extremely concerned at proposals to mine some of our mostprecious conservation areas.

Many said that we needed a big, public and visible demonstration of opposition to the assault on our environment. So we're pleased to announce that we're teaming up with a bunch of other organisations - from Forest & Bird to Federated Mountain Clubs - to organise a huge march up Queen Street in Auckland.

When: Saturday, 1st May, 11 am
Where: Bottom of Queen St

I realise it's probably too far away for you to attend personally, but you can still play a critical role in its success by spreading the word. The march may be in Auckland, but it will give voice to the concerns of all New Zealanders.

We all know an Aucklander or two, so please forward this email to anyone you know who may be able to attend. This is our chance to send a message to John Key: we don't want this country's unique ecology, landscape and reputation squandered to make a quick buck.

Thanks for your support,