(Origo)teve has an interview with Lucy which was posted 14 June 2010. The interview is in Hungarian. Mesh has translated the interview into English

[Origo]teve Interview with Lucy Lawless
14 June 2010

We know Lucy Lawless as the title character of Xena, audiences can currently see her starring on HBO’s Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Thanks to HBO Hungary we travelled to the 50th Monte Carlo Television Festival, where we sat down for a chat with the actress. In the ten minutes allocated to us, she told us that she wouldn’t for the world have lived in the “dark and stinky” ancient times, but she respects the TV company that dared tackle a Roman themed show that is rather violent and erotic. Lawless is satisfies with her Hungarian voice double, Anna Orosz – at least visually. (I’m guessing she met her, but hasn’t heard her? Or is this a joke, that she likes how Xena looks in any language? LOL)

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