ImageThe following are highlights from the interview Lucy and Peter did for the press during the 2010 Monte Carlo Television Festival. The audio file can be found here (bottom of the page).

The transcript and audio contains MINOR spoilers for the prequel and Season 2.

Lucy Lawless and Peter Mensah Interview Highlight 10 June 2010 by MaryD

- Lucy says Lucretia in Season 2 engages in behaviour so bad that Lucy didn't think was possible. (Season 2)

- Lucy and Peter were asked for set stories
Peter: "have you seen John Hannah naked?"
Lucy: Told the story about John's sense of humour and keeping everyone laughing.

- Peter was asked about his stunt work. Peter said he does his own stunts but there is a brilliant stunt crew that keep them are all safe.

- Lucy was asked how she made the transition between Xena and Spartacus. Lucy said she had 10 years to think about it. She said she did other things like comedy. Lucy said that she didn't want to bring any comedy into Spartacus. She had to play it straight.

- The nudity question was asked if they were nervous. Lucy said she had never done nudity and it wasn't awkward after a few episodes. Lucy said the men were a little "crazy and neurotic" about aking their clothes off than women.

- They were asked if the nudity has any point and Peter said the nudity was in context. He said you notice the nudity less and the characters and story become more evident.

- Lucy was asked is there anything that she wouldn't do as an artist. Lucy said she wasn't a huge fan of sex and violence together, or anything involving a child. That wasn't entertainment. It all depends on the writer / production.

- How would Lucy and Peter define their characters. Peter said the name Doctore is a term for trainer at the time. Doctore is a firm trainer but caring. He lives in a harsh world and he is a slave and recognises the issues in battle and a code. Lucy said Lucretia is a women who wants to give her husband an heir, people are confused about the nature of her love for her husband. Lucy said she didn't think a woman like Lucretia should ever have a child.

- They were asked about the gay relationship (Barca & Pietros) and if they were killed off because of pressure or if Starz was fearful of a backlash. Lucy said that it wasn't the case and anyone of them could be killed off with the exception of Andy.

- How can Spartacus compete with modern series. Lucy says it's not her job to do that. Lucy says if she can understand everything that's going on in a show while playing solitaire on her iphone then it's a dumb show. You need to watch the show because it's so rich with imagery and subtext, politics etc. There is a moral peril every step of the way.

- Prequel...they were asked that they have to look younger. Lucy said the prequel is set 5 years in the past. Peter said he is not getting any hair.

- Lucy was asked about gay relationships on Xena and she said that it's becoming more mainstream. In Xena it was subtext but in the end it wasn't addressed but left open to interpretation . A gay firefighter is still a firefighter, it doesn't matter.

- Any news about Andy's health. Peter said Andy is fully recovered. We will see more of Andy as Spartacus. Lucy said he was in pain during Season 1 and didn't know why and now it's behind him and he is fully healed.

- Lucy is asked if she wants to be in any other tv show: Lucy said she wants to be on Glee. She wants to show up on Glee as someone from (Sue Sylvester) Jane Lynch's past. Lucy loves Jane Lynch. it's a great show.

- Does the sex take away from the story. Lucy said it didn't and she felt that after episode 5 it's settled. She thinks the sex was magnificently handled especially in episode 9 (Whore) and it was full of life and everything that sex can be and it's beautiful.

- Lucy was asked if Legend of the Seeker wasn't cancelled could she have guest starred on the show? (Imagine Lucy as a Mord'sith? Yowza!) Lucy said yes she would have guest starred on the show. It had the potential to be a great show unfortunately Rob Tapert wasn't involved. That's her opinion.

End of the interview

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