The Search for the New Spartacus - Stars Lucy Lawless & John Hannah, along with EP Steven S. DeKnight, talk to IGN about what it's going to take to succeed Andy Whitfield.

There is a Lucy quote which I found very interesting (Craig Parker is amazing so whoever this actor was that totally made Craig change tack...let's hope it's the new Sparty.)

"That's right," Lawless said. "Someone who's got their own thing going on. The audience will forgive. The crew will support. And the story will be told. They have to find somebody who surprises. They've brought in a lot of people and they have to play opposite Craig Parker [Season 1's "Glaber"] and I saw somebody in particular surprise Craig. And I thought 'that person, just in pure acting terms, did the best job.' Because I saw Craig get off his road and have to take a new tack. This boy was not following. A lot of the others were following. This boy took it. So they're inching closer."

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