Matt Fowler from IGN has an article from the TCA Spartacus panel

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Unleashes Hell!
John Hannah & Lucy Lawless jump back into the sandals of Batiatus and Lucretia for a new prequel series. Plus, will Lucretia be back for Season 2? US, January 8, 2011 January 8, 2011

Here are some Lucy quotes from the TCA Panel

On going back to play Lucretia again (a younger Lucretia)

"It was a rare pleasure actually," Lawless added. "That
never happens where you get to go back and fill in blanks and actually find out more about your own character. It was a huge thrill for me. And you get to see our characters when they are in the honeymoon phase of their lives."

So, what is the exact fate of Lucretia? Will Lawless officially be a part of Season 2?

The short answer? Yes. "It was just a little poke in the tummy," Lawless laughed. Executive producer/writer DeKnight recalled the decision to keep Lawless in the game. "I think Rob [Tapert] remembers this, I said, 'Absolutely not. No. She has to die. There is no way she could survive.' Then I called him up the next morning and I said, 'I've got an idea that I really like for Season 2,'" DeKnight said. "And it's been a thrill. And what we have planned for Lucretia in Season 2 makes Season 1 and the prequel pale in comparison."

"That makes me pale, because my head nearly exploded several times," Lawless blushed. "But it's been the greatest job, the most complex, rewarding job in my life."

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