The following are tweets from the TCA Panel about Season 2 (aka Spartacus Vengeance). You can read the entire Spartacus panel tweet list here

There are no major spoilers - we all know Lucy is coming back so that's not really a spoiler.

Season 2 News from TCA Spartacus Panel

Lucy Lawless will be back Season 2 - Lucretia is very much alive and will be even more evil. Makes her "pale just thinking about it." #TCA

DeKnight says that what Lucretia does in Season 2 will make Season 1 pale by comparison. In other news..LAWLESS WILL RETURN! #Spartacus #TCA

Lucy Lawless on how she will survive her "wounds" to return to season 2 of Spartacus: "It was just a little poke in the tummy." #tca #starz

What is coming down the pike for Lucretia in S2 makes her pale just
thinking about it since she already went through so much in S1. #TCA

"It was just a little poke in the tummy," says Lucy Lawless. Her accent makes everything great. #tca

S2 is the same as what was planned for #Spartacus before Andy Whitfield had to bow out permanently. #TCA #CTAM