'Spartacus: Gods of the Arena' Prequel Season, Episode 4 Recap by Maureen Ryan

Now that, my friends, was a toga party. They knew how to throw crazy bashes back in the day.

But for Lucretia and Batiatus (and their friend Gaia), as day turned to night, the buzz wore off and things went from bad to worse.

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I really liked Maureen's mention of Lucy as Lucretia here: (highlight the grey box to get to the quote - for those keeping spoiler free..don't highlight)

Can Tullius get away with killing a Roman citizen in cold blood? He may be able to. He may not have left Batiatus with many options. But the look in Lucretia's eye says that Tullius is not long for this world. After all, she's got quite the backbone: She threatened Melitta and hinted that she might reveal the secret about her sex with Gannicus if she didn't get everyone to keep their traps shut about the party.